birla white sustainability initiative

Birla Whites Sustainability Initiative

sustainability vision

Our Approach

At the Aditya Birla Group, sustainability in business is the holistic pursuit of a three step agenda; firstly, managing business operations responsibly, this includes the creation of a safe working environment at all sites and workplaces, conserving energy and water, managing waste and emissions and the protection of human rights. Secondly, the understanding of material issues of all stakeholders from their perspective and finally the usage of this knowledge to actively seek ways to create and share value with each of these stakeholder groups. This has always been the Group philosophy and all businesses have demonstrated a commitment to the environment and to society that goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations.

The mandate of the Group Sustainability Cell is to help formalise and integrate the principles and standards required to develop and enhance sustainable businesses throughout the Aditya Birla Group. The cell will support the development of good governance structures, a sustainability framework and practical roadmaps to help our businesses survive and thrive in a changing world and in doing so help achieve the Group’s Sustainability Vision.

The Earth:

Our Most Important Project All Along

As we have strived towards delivering quality products, our conscience has always been deeply embedded in being environmentally-conscious. While we march towards progress, we believe in insulating mother earth from its harmful effects.

We do this through internationally acclaimed actions such as:

Reduced CO2 emission levels on account of specific methodology

Reusing and recycling solid waste fly ash

Using toxic-free products

With these measures, we hope to make the earth our most valuable asset and pave the way for a sustainable future.