10 Outer wall designs to beautify your House

exterior wall designs

Where presentation speaks the volume, the exterior of any house represents the home. The exterior wall is a lot more than merely the exterior wall. Let that ‘lot more’ be really a kind of ‘lot more’ with superior exterior wall designs.

Here are few mind lifting ideas of home outer wall design

1. Wood decoration for outer wall design
Something innovative out of wood compliments the house in a special way. Wood outer wall designs can be affordable enough. Quality wall designs can be made from the woods of previous interior renovations. Outdoor wooden dining space would be a great idea.

2. Spray paint on the outer wall of your home
Spray paint is quite simple to design your outer wall very well. All you need is a blank canvas, colored spray paint in different colors, few strings, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil and lace washi tape. And you are done. Spray paint is a fun and easy way to decorate the exterior wall of your house. Also, Texture paint for exterior walls is worth considering.

3. Using some old and un-useful things for decorating the outer walls
Turning your old windows and planters into decorations for the exterior wall design can be a great use of those things. These antique ideas will give your house an excellent look from outside.

4. Use of vase flower fillings
Green will never fail you. Huge vase fillers with flowers and plants will add an unexplainable beauty to your house with its great natural simplicity. The decoration with flowers will please the visitors’ heart.

5. Frame decoration for the outer wall
The outdoor wall decoration with the display of frames of woods or metals will give a peaceful and delighting look for the outer wall of your home. Summers will be more beautiful with these frameworks hanged on your exterior walls. The framed would also look beautiful on the walls of a garden or hanging by on the deck walls.

6. Vertical succulent gardens for your outer walls
Decorate your outer wall of the house with vertical succulent gardens. The eco-friendly, cool and attractive way of keeping your exterior wall highly admirable. These gardens are cheap and easy to maintain.

7. Using fences for outer wall decorations
Simple and full of floral fences have a high impact on the beauty it holds. They give an interesting visual impact. It can be a simple, creative and practical way of beautifying the outer look of your house without having to put a lot of time, effort and money.

8. Abstract metal wall art for outer walls
For the infrastructure which is modern already, abstract metal wall art is recommended for outer wall designing. The art is modern and of a minimalist approach.

9. Birdhouse for exterior walls
Hanging a birdhouse on the exterior walls of your house, or simply hanging a lovely little insect hotel on one of the walls of your house will give a beauty with a natural touch. This idea of exterior designing will work for you if you are fond of birds and nature.

10. Triptych for decorating exterior walls
A triptych is a quite interesting option you can think of while decorating the outdoor walls. A triptych comprises of water features, accent lighting, and the organic wall art displays, together creating a very relaxing and ambient look.

With these cool ideas, let your exterior wall design be inviting enough.