5 Texture Wall Paint Ideas For Your Living Room

texture wall paint ideas

Let your home narrate your story. The texture of the wall could best describe the story of your home to your guests. Numerous patterns of the textured wall color the heart, not the mere wall. The textured wall paint designs to decorate your living room is the best treatment you can choose for your living room wall. The place in the house which is to be showcased needs that much amount of special pampering and attention.

Let us dive into cool and unique textured wall paint ideas for your living room

Stone texture wall paint

The Stone texture of the wall paint is the exquisite wear for your wall. Stoned texture has a natural and a justifying glory of its typical kind. The texture of stone is quite adaptable to any kind of decoration.

Mosaic tile textured wall paint

The very clever and abstract form of wall texture style is witnessed in the arrangement of mosaic tile texture wall paint design. The texture paint on the wall is an accent of the paint. The textured wall paint helps to expand the effect of visual distance from floor-to-ceiling effect. Mosaic tiles are excellent examples of aesthetic wall texture designs.

Rugged materials and geometric patterned wall texture design

Give your living room walls a cool appeal. Rugged materials will give your wall a bit commercial look. The texture will make the room appear cool. Geometrically patterned texture gives a liberty of expressions using the contrast in the free space with freestyle.

Abstract wall texture design

Texture wall design with the materials such as Concrete, pinstripes, and rough wooden boards, presents a skillfully layered wall design. This type of texture will give a wall, bright, loud and rustic design look. The abstract texture design will serve as an inspiration for you if you are willing to have an unusual yet rich look for your living room.

Neat segmentation and directional texture wall paint design

Segmentation and directional lined texture of wall paint can give the small living room a huge identity. Patterned segmentation texture paint on the wall of the living room will give your room a presentable and lavish room. It will make a small room appear big and cozy.

Textured wall paints are more talkative than the plain solid wall paints. Let your wall of the living room express the story right.