5 Things to Look For Before Purchasing Wall Putty


The rise in the earning power has lead to rise in standard of living of the people enhancing the quantity and quality of their consumption. Amongst these standards, the one that holds greatest value is one’s home. After all, a home is where we feel most comfortable in. And that is the reason, why we invest so much into making it look attractive, lavish and equally comfortable.

It, therefore, becomes important to keep our houses blemish free and waterproof, which could easily be done by using wall care putty or paint putty.

Wall care putty has become one of the most essential components as a building material in today’s world. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, would you deny something if it gives you the power of:

  • Having walls without any visible pores or crack-lines,

  • Helps in stopping or reducing water seepage, flaking or dampening of walls,

  • Is easy to apply,

  • Helps in preventing any fungal or algae growth on the walls

  • Doesn’t need any water curing

  • Walls are ready for application of next coating of wall care putty or putty paint in 3 – 4 hours and

  • Provides an even and smooth surface for effective application of paints

But how should one understand, which is the best putty for walls? After all,there are so many options available in the market. Well, here are top 5 things that one needs to look for, before buying a wall care putty.

  1. Smoothness of Finish – Several brands are now offering a trial package of 1 kg for test coating. It is advisable to check with your contractor as to which paint putty works best with your putty paint.

  2. Resistance to Water – Water seepage, flaking and dampening of walls acts as a major headache for any household. Therefore, apart from filling in the cracks and pores in a wall, the main purpose any best wall putty is to resist water seepage.

  3. Packaging Quality – Wall care putty tends to absorb moisture from the air, over time, thereby lowering down its effectiveness. Therefore, it becomes essential to check its packaging quality, and opt only for best wall putty brands available in the market.

  4. Expiry Date – Normally, the shelf life of a paint putty is 6 – 12 months. It is, therefore, advisable to check for the Date of Manufacturing or Expiry Date, before buying the product.

  5. Storage Conditions – To act as the best putty for walls, it is essential that the product is stored in cool and dry condition. This would also give a boost to the shelf life of the product, and its effectiveness at the time of application.

Amongst the several brands available in the market, Birla White Wall Care Putty has garnered the greatest response. The fact that it could be applied even if the surface is damp saves a lot of time while constructing. This also means that the walls are free from any form of flaking or water seepage or dampening marks, thus saving us a lot of trouble. Along with that, the fact that it evenly fills in the tiniest of the pores on a wall or ceiling, thus giving an even surface for putting up an effective coating, acts as a cherry on top.

Aditya Birla Group & Birla stand committed towards dispensing quality products to their ever increasing customer base. While doing so, they also stand responsible towards spreading the best practices and awareness with the society and the country.