Decoding your home renovation process

Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Decoding your home renovation process

Your home grows with you like a companion. And just like yourself, it undergoes wear and tear, needing attention and certain changes here and there. But understanding the process of renovation is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, to make it easy for you, lets decode the entire process, step by step.

#Step 1: Figure out the area of renovation

When it comes to the renovation of one’s house, it’s important to figure out which area of the house will undergo renovation. Ideally, renovation should be addressed room to room. Each individual room in the house should be taken care of separately and not as a group. This ensures that the need for relocation or finding a temporary roof above your head doesn’t rise. Target the area of renovation by categorising it based on priority and convenience. Your kitchen can be done first and the bathroom, last. It’s all up to you depending on the need of the hour, or in this case, room.

#Step 2: Decide where and what changes you want

Once you select the areas of renovation, it’s time you decide what exact renovation you want. Do you want to redo the structure your walls, just a quick repaint job or complete renovation? Your approach to this will be key when it comes to the duration of the renovation process. Having everything planned out prior to the break and make will give you a blueprint of what the final result will be, while at the same time, preventing losses and prolonged durations.

For eg. decided whether you want new tiles, new paint, etc.

Is your paint flaking off? Then you need to redo the entire paint process, right from putty & primer, to final coat of paint.

Are there cracks in your walls? Then you will need to look at filling it in with white cement and plaster it.

#Step 3: Pick the products you need

After the decision of where you want your renovation and how you want it is taken, the question of what arises. What are the products that you are going to use. What best suits each area that will undergo change.

For filling in cracks and making your walls strong and sturdy, pick a white cement- based putty, instead of acrylic putty. Always research which putty best suits your home, and then make the smart choice.

Incase your walls need levelling then Birla Level plast will be your saviour.

For walls that go beyond just paint, pick Birla White Textura, that let you enhance the look and feel of your homes through unique textured walls. Look up some wall paint ideas to further beautify your home.

To ensure your paint does not peel , use Birla WallCare Putty and fight the flake!

#Step 4: Carry out the process and make no delay

Now that you have the general know how of the process of renovation, go ahead and make no delay as you take that step to make your home beautiful, again!