Decorative Paint Techniques for Living Rooms


A Living Room is undeniably the heart of any home. Whether you’re enjoying family get together or entertaining guests during a party, there is no better place to congregate with family and friends than the living room. True to its name, it's the space where you and your family truly live; you watch TV, read stories, discuss family matters with the whole family, play “antaakshri” etc. As the focal point of the home, it’s meant to be comfortable, with a nice big-screen TV.

The living room is one of the most public spaces in your home. It’s where you invite guests and where you can express your personality to friends and family alike. Whether you prefer a bold, vibrant vibe or something more relaxing and mellow, your living room should be as unique as you are. One simple way to inject more personality into your living room is with a simple coat of paint. Paint is a versatile medium that can do so much for your overall design.

Texture paint for living room

For a more interesting look, customize the painting ideas with texture paint designs on surfaces at selective places. Traditional techniques include rag rolling, stippling, and marbling to create a look with more than one colour. Adding texture designs to the wall painting can make your living room feel instantly more luxurious. A simple trick is keeping it subtle by using a neutral palette and a fine degree of contrast between colours.

The size of the Living room also matters. Suppose you have comparatively a smaller room and if you want the clumsiness of the room not to show, then you can play with the apparent dimensions of it. A room has a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. You can create stripes using different textures and shades. Whether you go vertically or horizontally, stripes are an easy way to add measure to that dimension. The wider the stripes, the more dramatic the effect is. One of the most popular small living room ideas is the use of neutral colors on walls, floor, ceiling and furniture upholstery. A palette of off-whites or beiges will expand the space by appearing to push back the walls. Soft hues also tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calming environment.

Give a different touch to your living room walls with vibrant wall texture ideas. You might have interiors having textured walls like the living rooms with exposed brick walls. But aside from that, there are still so many ideas on how you can add textured wall paint ideas to your wall. You can add texture to an entire wall or you can just create an accent wall. In whatever way you do, you can still achieve an appealing look for your interior with wall textures.

Of course, like everything else, when it comes to interior design, the key is to create a balance. Without enough textured elements, a space can feel cold and sterile. On the other hand, one person might love a room that's bursting with textured elements, while another person finds the same room busy, or even dirty. It's all about finding the balance that you like, reflecting your personality, by finding your own spot on the wide texture spectrum.