Story of Birla White


In this environment where frenzied infrastructural development is taking place and planned housing and office projects are being constructed at a dizzying pace, it is no longer enough to have a building comprising four walls and a roof. Birla White was the first to spot this emerging opportunity. To cement its place in the industry, it quickly ascertained market trends and developed and launched a slew of innovative, white cement-based surface wall finishing products.

Successfully introducing customers to a new product, in an untried category, is the single most important accomplishment of Birla White. We were able to stimulate the creation of a whole new market, despite natural inertia to change that people have, is a tribute to its dedication and the fine craft of marketing excellence.
Thanks to the consumer pull that its initiatives were able to garner, the company actually embarked upon a capacity expansion programme – ramping up output from 80,000 MTPA to 360,000 MTPA in the first phase. Simultaneously, production facilities were enhanced with up-to-the-minute equipment, high-speed packing machines, process automation and world-class research and development facilities.

A strong belief in innovation and challenging market boundaries has always driven the company. This explains the remarkable product portfolio that Birla White boasts of today. Defining and redefining usage patterns, Birla White Cement has successfully created a whole new niche within construction – one that owns the properties of whiteness and exquisite surface finish.

Recent Developments
The number of initiatives to raise awareness and utilisation of white cement has resulted in increasing demands. To meet this upsurge Birla White has enhanced its annual production capacity to 560,000 metric tonnes. Simultaneously, the company has eliminated blockages and delays by revamping its distribution system and completely modernising its manufacturing facilities.

Over the years, Birla White realised that in order to reach audiences, they had to capitalise on its inherent value as a décor product. It was from this realisation that the research-aided positioning, ' My Kind of Design' was born. Extensive site demonstrations have been used to supplement above-the-line effort. In fact, the company takes this medium so seriously that it has created an independent technical cell to offer necessary education, assistance and guidance to both beneficiaries and actual applicators.

Brand Values
Birla White has always been the penultimate modern consumer brand – a utility product inventively and inextricably interwoven with a subtle, upmarket lifestyle statement. The brand has constantly reinvented itself to keep in sync with changing consumer attitudes and needs.

Things you didn’t know about Birla White:

  • Across 26 developed countries, Birla White is the preferred white cement.
  • Breaking convention, Birla White became the first company in India to introduce white cement in convenient small packs.
  • CE (Communauté Européenne) – the certification to sell in the European Union – was first earned in India by Birla White.
  • Birla White is the first eco-friendly white cement in India.
  • Birla White Wallcare Putty has anti-carbonation properties.