Unsung Heroes


The #UnsungHeroes project is an initiative by Birla White to recognise everyday heroes who have contributed to the society’s wellbeing. Our Unsung Heroes, just like Birla White Wallcare Putty, have worked relentlessly, behind the scenes to ensure a better world. It’s time we appreciate them!

Stories of Unsung Heroes

Abhijeet Jejurikar – Dharavi Rocks!
Abhijit Jejurikar's objective is to make rock stars out of young kids from Dharavi. The 29-year-old musician regularly performs with city bands as a vocalist, percussionist and keyboardist. For the past two years, Abhijeet has been meeting 50 children in Dharavi every week introducing them to music. Using just empty jerry cans, oil cans and tin bins, these kids have got the opportunity to learn something out of the box!

Dr. Uday Modi
The son that embraced the elders he never had, Dr. Modi is the man behind Shravan Tiffin Seva an organisation that shares free meals, medication and companionship with the elderly in the Mira Road-Bhayander area. With the time and money that he invests to this cause, Dr. Modi truly is an Unsung Hero!

Aabid Surti – Drop Dead Foundation
A writer, painter and cartoonist, Aabid Surti visits homes in Mira Road every Sunday to check if residents need their leaking taps fixed. A tap that drips once every second wastes approximately 1,000 litres of water a month, so you can imagine the sheer amount of water that can be saved with one single fix. The Drop Dead Foundation initiative aims to bring change right to people’s homes!

Rajesh Naik
Rajesh Naik's persistent efforts transformed 120 acres of barren land in Oddoor farms near Mangalore, Karnataka, into a lush green farm. Rajesh Naik achieved a phenomenal feat - creating a 2 acre wide and 50 ft deep lake. His efforts have not only transformed the surrounding area, but has also helped in improving the water table in the surrounding village.

Let’s salute the spirit of these citizens who have done their bit to serve society and help make this nation a better place to live in. Let’s salute the passion and determination of our Unsung Heroes!