Which One Is Better, POP or Wall Putty?


While constructing a building, one of the most critical aspects to be looked at is the finishing required to be given to the structure. These constituents define the appearance of your structure, and moreso they define the durability of the structure by cloaking it from any change in the outside weather conditions

Some, such important components are Plaster of Paris, also known as POP, and Wall Care Putty.

Made out of Gypsum, Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder that is used for giving early coats to the walls, giving shapes to structure or creating casts and likewise. When moistened, it hardens up quickly, and therefore is favored a lot by the construction team for quick finishing.

On the other hand, wall care putty is made out of white cement, like White Portland Cement. Also known as paint putty, it derives many of its charectterestics from its parent class, i.e. cement, like high adhesiveness which in turn gives a longer life span to the substrate, providing additional strength to the wall, etc. Along with that, it is also known to highly resistant to water, thereby extending the life span of the paint coated over it. The wall putty color is also white, as it is derived from the white cement, which allows for us to apply any paint combination on the wall.

However, which to choose when it comes to providing the right finishing on a structure? Well, here is a quick comparison between POP & Wall Care Putty that would help you help in selecting the right finishing material for your walls and ceilings, which shall guide you to select the right substance for the right situation.


Plaster of Paris (POP)

Wall Care Putty

What it is?

Made out of Gypsum, heated high temperatures, and then crushed to form the white powdery substance.

Made out of White Cement and Polymers.

Best to be Applied on

On the Interior Walls

On the Interior & Exterior Walls

Binding Property

Has very low binding property

Being Cement-based, it has very high binding property


Used for coating finish walls and false ceilings and for creating architectural designs.

Used for smoothening the walls and ceilings by filling in the cracks and pores in them. Gives bright, smooth and superior finish to the walls.


Low on strength

Being cement-based, it has good tensile adhesion, compressive strength


Less Durable

Highly durable

Port Life


10 – 45mints


  • Provides an easy solution for interior walls and Puning surface.
  • Can’t be applied moist surface.
  • Water resistant, Helps in easy application of paints
  • No water curing required

Amongst the several brands of wall care putty available in the market, Birla White is one of the brands that provides superior products, and total protection from flaking, dampness of walls and water seepage issues. The white cement-based product provides best class paint putty.

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