birla white yuvaratna awards

In 2004, Birla White instituted “Birla White Yuvaratna Awards” that connects with young aspiring architecture students and practicing professionals through a design challenge contest. An initiative by the company itself, the awards have been constituted to inspire budding architects to present concepts that ignite their passion to create a new world. It challenges students to imaginatively present dynamic structures from a range of versatile products manufactured by Birla White with its innumerable permutations and combinations.

Birla White Yuvaratna is now in its  15th year and has grown in its participation and popularity amongst the architectural fraternity. This has helped the company reach the architectural student across the institutes on pan India basis and ‘catch them young’ before they become a professional. The competition focuses on identifying and encouraging the creative understanding and ability to design with two distinct and unique design briefs. Participants are expected to showcase their intellectual understanding of the given theme and present it uniquely.

This year themes are 1. Anganwadi and 2. Intra-state Bus Terminal hub.

This year, Yuvaratna is taking a step ahead in challenging the future architects to use their ingenuity on innovative designs, patterns and finishes using Birla White’s Value Added Products.

Birla White YuvaratnaNXT will seek Architectural Solutions from upcoming students of architecture. The competition is open to future architects encouraging them to cross the boundaries of creativity and discover novel applications to beautify living spaces. The objective is to co-create newer design, finish, patterns & décor applications .

The challenge is to design an interior or an exterior wall surface of the size 6x4 feet using ) The Birla White Cement and/or its Value added products (Birla White Levelplast and Birla White Textura). This would include various Textures, Patterns, play of an array of finishes using the proposed products.

II) Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC): Students will be required to create a design for GRC with the help of hard cardboards/Polystyrene (thermocol)/other moldable material. These designs must be unique/practically implementable

The assessment is being done on the basis of:
•Composition / •Aesthetics /• Concept and Themes
• Innovative / originality of idea / theme/Use of materials & colors ..etc

Over the years, the competition has shown a shift in its approach from quantum to quality. In order to sustain this competition as a popular and genuine design competition amongst the student, this shift was very essential and long due. Now, we strive to achieve higher standards and global recognition.