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Research and Development

Vision - Birla White

Our Approach

Our focus is steadily aimed at creating eco-friendly products and we plan to achieve this through research and innovation. At Birla White, we conduct simulation studies and skill building programs at our tailor-made evaluation facilities in order to develop the right applications for our products. Combined with pilot plant studies and joint research projects with renowned institutions, we aim to create improved products and innovative solutions.

In order to ensure the constant evolution of our services and products, at Birla White, we carry out various procedures to ensure the smooth flow of work. One such meticulous procedure is our review mechanism, which is carried out to track the performance of our path breaking initiatives.

Key Support Facilities




1 X-Ray Diffractometer Phase analysis/product characterisation Polymer quality assessment studies
2 Particle Size Analyser Analysing particle size distribution helps in mixing parameters
3 High Temperature Furnace Pigmentless color cement studies
4 Brookfield Viscometer Rheological polymer studies
5 Tensile Adhesion Tester On Coating
6 Color Meter Measurement of color effect on white background
7 Compressive Strength Tester Plaster strength
8 Pollution Testing Apparatus - Under Procurement Anti-pollution coating studies

Tailor-Made Simulations



UV-Radiation Studies Color fading of coatings and Anti-pollution indicator studies
Humidity/Temperature Chamber (Under Procurement) To study the behavior of BW products under high humidity conditions


Aditya Research and Development center, Kharia