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Designer flooring from Birla White turns your floors into works of art. With marble powder, coarse aggregates and cast at site with a mixture of Birla White Cement, you have the freedom to recreate anything you want, from paintings to unique patterns. The addition of glass, metal, stone/plastic dividing strips, coloured mortar mixes and colour pigments can further enhance the appeal of your floor. Once laid, the floor can be mirror-polished to get a perfect gloss. Birla White provides the perfect touch to elevate the ambience of your home.



Mosaic tiles create a rich tapestry of designs on your floor, with small pieces of coloured enamel glass or marble chips inlayed in the cement. Manufactured in hydraulic presses under controlled conditions, these tiles are durable, dense and water-tight, boasting of a hard-to-wear surface. Birla White Cement is the perfect base for making mosaic tiles, brightening colours and imparting inherent strength. They are perfect for homes, hotels, swimming pools and any other place that could use a touch of style.



Exterior floors play just as important a role in creating ambience as interior floors. Paver tiles made with Birla White are perfect for such applications, with their wide variety of colours and designs. What's more, they are strong and durable; perfect for floor applications exposed to a lot of wear. Another significant advantage is that they can easily be repaired or replaced, at a fraction of the cost of doing the same to concrete floors.



Though marble stone is naturally white and elegant, it's also translucent and porous in nature. If marble is laid on a grey cement base, it starts to look dull and grey, losing its aesthetic charm. An effective way to prevent this is to lay it on a thin layer of Birla White Cement, in the form of slurry. This acts as a white separator, reflecting 100% light and preventing the grey cement from penetrating through and ruining the look of your marble.



Give the exterior walls of your home an elegant stone finish with Birla White Stonecrete. A white cement plaster with an Ashlar stone finish, it offers a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. It's a cost-effective option to natural stone cladding for exterior surfaces. It also offers the advantages of being weather-resistant, long-lasting and low maintenance. All it takes to prepare the perfect mix is one part of Birla White Cement and one part of coarse dolomite powder/quartz sand. Pigments could be added to get the desired shade. After application, the surface should be levelled and cured for two days. The surface needs to be chiselled to give it that exquisite Ashlar stone finish.

Grit Wash

If you want a rough and tough finish, Grit Wash is the right choice for you. Better known as Exposed Aggregate Plaster, this hardy decorative finish can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. A mortar of Birla White Cement, dolomite powder and chips in a ratio of 2.5:1:6 is perfect for Grit Wash. Before application, the surface should be levelled with a float. After an initial setting period of 1-2 hours, the Grit Wash surface should be scrubbed gently with a nylon brush and water to remove the cement on top of the chips and to expose the aggregates.


Tyrolean is a decorative finish, suitable for both interior and exterior walls. Available in various colours, its textured sand-face finish gives the wall an attractive look. Also, it's an economical, long-lasting and maintenance-free plaster. For Tyrolean plastering, mix three parts of Birla White Cement with one part of marble powder and one part of coarse white sand or fine grains of marble chips. Add colour to get the desired shade, and apply two coats. When the surface is completely dry, a coat of silicon should be applied to keep it dust-free.



Birla White Cement Wash imparts a durable, lustrous matt finish to walls. It also acts as a primer coat for decorative paints, filling up minor cracks and crevices. Ideal for interior as well as exterior walls, it can be easily applied by using a brush or spray. That's why it's most preferred amongst painters and masons. Birla White Cement Wash is also economical compared to other options, which makes it perfect for commercial complexes, government offices and educational institutions or any other place, where there's a budget constraint.



Cement Paint beautifies exterior walls, while protecting them from harsh weather conditions. It is durable, economical and is available in a variety of shades. Birla White enhances the cement paint's lustre and brings out the pigment's true colours. What's more, its low alkaline content prevents fading. For a perfect composition, add one part of water to two parts of cement paint and stir well to get a consistent paste. Add one more portion of water of the same quantity. Stir and apply on the prepared surface. Cure the surface with water for 2-3 days to get the perfect finish.

Other Applications

Cement is commonly perceived to be suitable only for construction and repair work. But Birla White has set a new benchmark, stretching its usability way beyond the conventional, and offers various creative options.

Others applications - Birla White Cement


Birla White enables you to use your imagination to beautify, decorate and design building interiors and exteriors. It gives you the freedom to create a variety of ornamental motifs like statues, artefacts, balustrades, flower pots, decorative grills, fountains and many others.

Versatile Usage

Birla White Cement is perfectly suitable for fusing the joints of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone tiles and stone slabs (tile grout).