Exterior Wall Waterproofing: Choosing the Right Solutions for Long-lasting Protection

26, July 2023

The Story of Birla White’s White Cement Innovation

11, September 2023

The Finish & Durability with the White Cement Advantage

11, September 2023

The Power of White Cement Advantage.

11, September 2023

Benefits of White Cement Advantage

Benefits of White Cement Advantage




Better Adhesiveness


High breathability


Covers the fine cracks


Depicts the true tone of colour


Better dispersion of pigment & coverage


Imparts brilliant lustre


Gives freedom to create design

Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1

When did Birla White start the White Cement Revolution?

Twenty years ago, we started the White Cement revolution with the introduction of Birla White Wall Care Putty. This putty was developed by incorporating white cement and special-grade RD Polymers (German polymer). Subsequently, we've transformed the construction sector by incorporating White Cement into all our product offerings.
Question 2

What is the advantage of having white cement-based products for walls?

White Cement is a groundbreaking mixture that holds a crucial role within our product range. Its application on plastered surfaces results in enhanced adhesion and impeccable surface finish. Through the incorporation of White Cement in our products such as WallCare putty, Waterproofing solutions, Distemper paint, Primer, and Textura, we elevate every Indian home from foundation to finish.
Question 3

What is the shelf life for Birla White’s white cement advantage products?

Without the application of a topcoat paint, Birla White Cement typically maintains its durability for around 2 to 3 years. However, with the addition of a topcoat, its longevity is extended.
Question 4

How is Birla White’s white cement Versatile?

Birla White white cement is versatile because it can be used in a wide range of applications, including architectural concrete, decorative concrete, precast elements, tile adhesives, grouts and more. The use of white cement brings out a superior advantage in multiple products.
Question 5

Why should painters choose Birla White Seep Guard waterproofing solutions?

Typically, white cement is utilized by painters as a waterproofing material, particularly for regions prone to seepage. Birla White Seep Guard is formulated using white cement, accompanied by specialized additives and a flexible-grade German polymer, making it the best choice for waterproofing.
Question 6

How is Birla White PrimaCoat formulated?

Birla White Prima Coat (interior/exterior) is a meticulously engineered coating solution, expertly crafted with white cement and TiO2. White cement and TiO2 are harnessed as pigment agents within the PrimaCoat composition. The utilisation of these materials imparts a higher Reflective Index (RI) to the product, thereby resulting in best-in-class opacity over grey cement plaster or wall putty surfaces.
Question 7

Where can TRUTONEx distemper paint be applied?

Developed using a combination of white cement and polymers, Birla White’s TRUTONEx distemper paint can be applied onto surfaces composed of cementitious plaster or cement-based wall putty, both of which share a foundational composition of cement.
Question 8

How is Birla White Wall Putty superior to other players in the market?

Formulated using white cement and special grade RD Polymers, Birla White Wall Putty is applied on cement-based plaster surfaces. It is well known that cement to cement bonding results in high compressive and tensile adhesion strength... “FLAKING GONE. MAZBOOTI ON.”
Furthermore, Birla White Wall Putty outperforms its competitors by providing higher water resistance properties, making it more durable and long-lasting.