Premium Exterior Walls with Birla White Cement

13, October 2023

The earliest form of housing was in the form of trees, to get protection from sun, rain, and cold weather. It also protected against the various animals that could not climb up the tree. With time, this arrangement changed. Through innovation and invention, the man started using stone slabs, wood among other materials to build a sturdy home that can provide protection against weather and predators. With time the problems changed and so did the design and materials for building a house.

Now, with the constantly changing world and its issues, there is one new problem that needs to be taken care of. The disease-causing germs and bacteria can harm your walls and your health. Hence, to protect you from this new problem, Birla White has innovated a brand-new solution in the form of its latest product - Birla White Bio-Shield Putty. India’s first anti-viral putty, that has the power to fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae. It offers safety along with ultimate whiteness to your walls, to enhance the performance of topcoat emulsions, giving your walls a marble-like finish with protection from germs. Now you can protect yourself and your walls and keep them healthy with this anti-bacterial wall putty.

Why Birla White Bio-Shield Putty?

While regular putty does provide a base coat, Birla White Bio-Shield putty gives an increased coverage, higher whiteness, premium finish, and has Anti-viral & Anti-microbial Properties. Additionally, it has a pre-wetting-free property, which is first-of-its-kind in any white cement-based putty.

It’s the best home shield putty which offers:

1. Excel putty-like finish with germ protection

2. Silver ion technology

3. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-algae

4. Tested by NABL Lab

As India’s first anti-viral putty, it has silver ion technology which provides anti-viral and anti-microbial properties to Bio-shield putty by keeping the surface healthy and hygienic. This technology contains an active silver-based ingredient that neutralizes the virus, bacteria, algal & fungal contamination by releasing silver ions on the coated surface, thus making Bio-Shield putty the best anti-microbial putty.

Birla White Bio-Shield Putty’s durability is quite extraordinary as the efficacy of Silver Ion will stay till the lifetime of the product because silver ions are non-leachable & don’t degrade with time. That’s why it’s also known as anti-bacterial putty or anti microbial putty. This home shield putty is the best in class and has been tested and certified by a NABL approved lab and proves that it has the ability to kill 99.9% virus and bacteria along with algal and fungal growth. Along with that, Birla White Bio-Shield putty also meets the requirements of Green-Pro standard and qualifies for Green-Pro certification.

When it comes to the whiteness of the Birla White Bio-Shield Putty, it is measured on a Hunter whiteness scale(HW) by comparing the reflectance with standard reference material. Birla White Bio-Shield putty scores +94.5% on HW against regular putty’s +93% on HW, which makes it significantly whiter and the best anti bacterial wall putty than any other regular putty as it also provides a premium marble-like finish for your walls.

Application and Precautions

How do you use it? The process is quite simple

●       Remove all the loosely adhering material like, dirt, dust, organic solvent (de-shuttering/curing free compound) and oil, etc. from the surface by using emery paper, putty blade or wire brush, etc.

●       Due to its curing-free property, pre-wetting is not required before application of Birla White Bio-Shield Putty thereby minimizing the effort included.

●       Slowly add 1 kg of Birla White Bio-shield Putty with 45% clean water, in that ratio, and keep stirring, preferably with a mechanical stirrer

●       Once done, apply the first coat of Birla White Bio-Shield putty on the wall/substrate surface uniformly with the help of a putty blade. Ensure that during the application, substrate surface temperature should not exceed above 40-degree centigrade.

●       After drying the first coat of Bio-Shield Putty, rub the surface gently with the wet sponge or very gently with the putty blade in order to remove the loose particles.

●       Allow the surface to dry for at least 3 hours and then apply a second coat of Bio-shield putty.

●       Leave the surface to dry preferably 10-12 hours before application of topcoat paint/distemper.

●       The total thickness of both coats should be limited to a maximum of 1.5 mm.

While applying Bio-Shield Putty there are some precautions that need to be taken care of -

●       Mix Bio-Shield Putty with 45% of clean potable water.

●       Mixing of Bio-Shield Putty is very important, hence extreme care is to be taken for proper & thorough mixing with hand or mechanical stirrer in order to get the desired best results in terms of smoothness & coverage. Mixing is to be continued till a uniform paste is formed.

●       Only a required quantity of Bio-Shield Putty mix should be prepared which can be used within three and half hours.

●       Birla white Bio-Shield Putty should be kept out of reach of children.

●       It is harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical attention.

●       If irritation develops or persists with the skin, wash it immediately with plenty of water and get medical attention quickly.

In a nutshell, Birla White Bio-Shield Putty provides a unique blend of multiple benefits for your walls, such as safety, whiteness, curing-free, etc. which makes it the best in class anti-viral putty. With the evolution of humans and their many problems, homes have evolved too. It’s time to evolve once more and get the best quality product for your house so that you can live your life happy, satisfied, and in comfort. Choose Birla White Bio-Shield Putty. Deewaro Pe Lagayein, Safedi Aur Suraksha Dono Paayein.

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