Premium Exterior Walls with Birla White Cement

07, November 2020

Do the exterior walls of your house depreciate way faster than the interior walls? Do they lose their finish within a few months? Do you feel limited while experimenting with design on your exterior walls? Do you always wonder if there is a solution for this?  We will answer that question today!

Finishing coats or top coats on Exterior walls tend to wear off easily due to the significant impact that changing weather conditions have on them. It is a canvas that bears the adversities of any external agent that exists in the atmosphere. Be it heavy rains, hailstorms, sunrays or the wind, they affect the exterior walls over time and cause wearing in a matter of few months or years. Walls also tend to generate humidity inside them due to water entering through cracks or seepage within.

There are several products available in the market that are dedicated to make the exterior walls stay in perfect condition for a longer period. However, most of them can only prove to be effective if they have a strong and efficient base on the wall.

The perfect solution to maintain the finish of your exterior walls is Birla White Cement. Birla White Cement is basically a White Portland Cement. It is made with advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing process which gives it that superior fineness and whiteness. It has a high refractive index and high opacity which provides a durable finish for subsequent top coat paints.

White Cement

Along with providing protection to your walls, Birla White Cement also offers better coverage. It spreads across the surface ensuring requirement of lesser amount of the product. It also provides a premium and bright base which helps in making the colours reflect their true tone.

So, make your exterior walls look as beautiful and premium as your interior walls and enjoy the longevity with Birla White Cement.