Re-Paint Putty

Repaint your walls 38%* faster the dust-free* way and give them that glassy finish with Birla White Re-Paint Putty.


Re-Paint Putty

Repaint your walls 38%* faster the dust-free* way and give them that glassy finish with Birla White Re-Paint Putty.
Birla White Re-Paint Putty is tailor-made for your repainting needs! It saves 38%* time in the repainting process and gives you a dust-free* experience!
Product Highlights
62% more adhesion
Relatively Dust free
Saves Upto 38% Time
  • 62% more adhesion to top coat than regular putty
  • 2x more water resistant than regular putty
  • High Durability
  • Zero VOCs
  • Saves upto 38%* time in the repainting process
  • Gives dust-free* repainting experience
  • Protect all kinds of paints
  • Primer not required
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls

The technology used to manufacture this product is ‘Patent Pending’.

Technical Specifications
Sr. No Technical Parameter Specifications Test Method
1 *Coverage (square metre / kg/ Two Coat) [On Ideal smooth surface] 1.48-1.76 In House
2 Pot life (Hours) 3.0-3.5 In House
3 Tensile Adhesion strength @28 days (N/m2) >=1.0 EN 1348
4 Water Capillary Absorption (ml), 30 min @28 days <=0.80 Karsten Tube
5 Compressive strength @28 days (N/m2) 3.5-7.5 EN 1015-11
6 Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.85-1.05 In House
*This value is on smooth surface; however this may change according to surface texture.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Fresh paint is when walls are painted newly, whereas repaint is when they are painted again after some time has passed. Usually, people go for repainting after a gap of 3-4 years. Often, the reason for repainting is faded paint, blisters, flaking and so on.
The repainting process involves applying putty coats on walls that have been painted a while ago, typically a few years ago. The process is less extensive than that of fresh painting as the base doesn’t need to be prepared again. Usually, the imperfections on the wall, if any, are corrected before the wall is coated in new paint.
Birla White Re-Paint Putty is a white cement-based, premium quality putty with a high adhesion property. Its tensile strength and excellent bonding with the substrate enable you to apply it directly on old, eroded, painted walls right after proper surface preparation. Moreover, it is high in whiteness, is water-resistant, and does not need primer coats. Birla White Re-Paint Putty saves 38%* time in the repainting process and is dust-free*
When working with regular putty, you need to apply a primer coat before the putty coat as well as after the putty coat. With Birla White Re-Paint Putty, you can skip this step altogether, which makes it more efficient when it comes to saving time and overall cost.

Sr.No. Traditional Repainting Process Birla White Re-Paint Putty Process
1 Scrape the old paint Remove loose particles
2 Remove loose particles Pre-wet the wall
3 Apply a coat of primer Apply the 1st coat of Birla White Re-Paint Putty on the entire wall
4 Do patch work with Sadharan Putty where needed Remove the scratch with putty blade
5 Sand the wall to level the patch work Apply the second coat of Birla White Re-Paint Putty
6 Apply 2nd coat of Sadharan Putty Paint
7 Sand the wall again  
8 Apply the second coat of primer  
9 Paint  
Birla White Re-Paint Putty has a much higher adhesion and tensile strength than acrylic putty, which enables it to deliver a glassy finish.
Pre-wetting is important before application of Birla White Re-Paint Putty as it provides better workability and a higher bonding with the substrate surface.
The mixing ratio is 45% clean water to the putty powder. So, typically, you would need 450 ml of water with 1 kg of Birla White Re-Paint Putty.
The mixing for this product should be carried out using a mechanical stirrer for 3-5 minutes. Alternatively, you can also mix it manually for 10-15 minutes. The final product has to be a creamy consistency. For best results, it is advisable to leave the slurry for 5 minutes after thorough mixing. Ensure that you use the slurry within 3-3.5 hours after mixing as post that, it will begin to harden
  • The application of this product requires the usage of a putty blade. It is important to stir the slurry well before use. You must also ensure that the substrate temperature does not exceed 40 degrees centigrade during application.
  • Allow your wall to dry for at least 3 hours after the application of the first coat. Once it’s dry, get rid of the loose particles on the wall. For this, we recommend you rub the surface gently with either a wet sponge or with the putty blade itself.
  • After the first coat is completely dry and free of loose particles, apply the second coat and repeat the entire procedure. Make sure that the total thickness of both the coats is be a maximum of 0.0015 meter.
  • Post this, leave the surface to dry for about 10-12 hours before the application of paint.
  • If at all there is need to remove unevenness before applying any kind of paint, gently level the surface with very fine waterproofing emery paper of not less than 500 number to get a glassy white surface finish.
While applying Birla White Re-Paint Putty, you have to first ensure that the wall surface pre-wetted. Make sure that the consistency is creamy and in line with the ratio mentioned. It’s important to prepare a quantity that shall be used within the time frame of 3-3.5 hours as the slurry will begin to harden post that. Seek immediate medical attention if the putty is swallowed or ingested in any way. Finally, this product should be stored in a cool, dry place and must be kept out of the reach of children.
Yes, Birla White Re-Paint Putty meets the requirements of GreenPro standard and also qualifies for GreenPro certification.
There is no option of online payment currently. Also, we do not deliver any of our products directly as of now. They are retailed via our stockist network only. However, the application of Birla White Re-Paint Putty requires a trained contractor. We, therefore, recommend that you purchase the product from our authorised retailer/stockist who would also help you get in touch with a trained skilled contractor. You can check out our product catalogue on IndiaMart.
Birla White has a team of trained and committed civil engineers PAN India for CASC backing (Customer Application Support Cell). These civil engineers offer on-site technical support and on-site sampling. They also train surface finishing applicators with specialized training and modern tools that enable them to build expertise and become specialist Birla White applicators.
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