GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete gives you the access to the whole new world of design engineering and modern architecting. Birla has skilled GRC manufacturers in India, that is very compatible with the constructional need.

A Premium Product For Paramount Structures

Birla is the GRC manufacturing company in India is a premium product that is suitable for the ever changing and newly demanding constructional needs of the design and civil engineering world. GRC gives access to a whole new and innovative possibilities of modern architecture. The work Birla White GRC can perform, knows no limits to the design profile it can create. A variety of creative, yet smooth or textured finish can be achieved with Birla White GRC.

Strong And Complex Molds Can Be Created Complex And Strong

GRC manufacturers have developed the product in a way that with GRC you could construct the wall profiles that are complex and strong. It can be very useful in restoration, renovation and new construction as well. GRC cladding is lighter, compared to precast steel reinforced concrete cladding. It has superior compressive strength and its flexural properties makes it more reliable and considerable to use. GRC is easy to use and is very speedy to be erected because of its cool and lightweight mounting range of the bespoke support systems.

Birla White GRC is a versatile and lightweight moldable finishing material

Birla GRC manufacturers uses a perfect material that is very much suitable for decorative purposes. GRC composes of Birla White Cement, high-silica sand, alkali-resistant glass fibers and other mixtures. The desired shade of GRC is obtained with naturally occurring oxide pigments.

Birla White GRC is a preferred choice of a designer

Birla White GRC, being one of the most versatile building materials available in the market, supports any kind of architecting and designing idea. It supports the exquisite wall texture ideas that strike your mind. This is why Birla GRC manufacturers have proved to be reliable by almost all the designers out there.

Where is Birla White GRC useful?

Birla White GRC is usually used in Building renovation works, Water and drainage works, Bridge and tunnel lining panels, Permanent formwork method of construction, Architectural cladding, Acoustic barriers and screens. Birla White GRC offers the designer a wide range of products to choose from Birla White GRC comes with a variety of shape, form, texture, light weight, moldability and long term technical properties.

Tough & Durable


No Health Risks

Quick Installation

Why GRC?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a cement-based composite material that is reinforced with alkali resistant fibers. GRC is formed into thin sectioned lightweight elements. This exclusive property of GRC outrages the other ordinary concrete material. The fibers used adds tensile, impact and flexural strength. Whilst the resulting material allows the production of strong and yet lightweight products. The alkali resistant property of the glass fiber imparts the long-term durability. The glass fibre, when used as a reinforcement material, helps the mortar mix well.

Properties of Birla White GRC

Lighter weight : With GRC, concrete can be cast in thinner. Hence, 75% lighter than similar pieces cast with any other ordinary concrete.

Reinforcement : As GRC is reinforced internally, it does not need to be reinforced with any other kind of reinforcement externally.

Adaptability : GRC can adapt to any given shape, from huge rocks to tiny and fine ornamental objects.

Toughness : GRC does not go crack easily. It can be cut without chipping.

  • GRC Cladding

    Can be plain, textured, curved with bands:
    • Custom-made units for a specific building or use
    • In modular units for system building
    • As over cladding to existing facades
  • Ornamental / Architectural Components

    • Arches
    • Columns with capitals and bases
    • Brackets
    • Cornices
    • Bands
    • Zharokhas
    • Fins and parapets
    • Window surrounds
    • Partitions
    • Domes
  • Decorative features / Sun Screens

    • Sun barriers
    • Partition walls
  • Roofing

    • False ceiling – due to light weight, toughness, easy fixing and unaffected by environmental conditions
    • Landscaping and Garden Furniture
    • Planters, flower pots and urns
    • Garden furniture
    • Lamp posts
    • Balustrades
    • Bollards, sign, statues and sculptures
  • Technical / Civil Engineering applications:

    • Noise barriers
    The weight per unit of GRC or its surface mass, stiffeners provides a property of noise insulation at lower frequencies. Typical 10 mm thick GRC having surface mass 20 Kg / M2 will have an average sound reduction of about 30 decibel.

    • Bridge deck form and parapets
    Long but lightweight elements, which greatly reduce the load on the bridge

  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    Digambar Jain Temple
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    Manipal University, Jaipur
  • GRC architect infosys Bangalore
    Infosys, Banglore
  • GRC C H Jewellers
    C H Jewellers
  • GRC Police commissioner building
    Police commissioner building
  • Cipriano
  • GRC exterior desing gakhan university
    Agakhan University
  • GRC abby Place exterior design
    ABBY's Palace


GRC can be installed quickly, reducing dead load on civil structures


GRC’s high strength reduces the number of support sections, while its high density offers graffiti-resistance


GRC does not rot, corrode or become brittle and requires
low maintenance


GRC comes with a wide range of textures and shades such as plain or sand stone, striped granite, oak finish, stonewall and acid


GRC’s high-impact resistance effectively minimises breakages during transportation and erection


GRC is steel-free making it resistant to electromagnetic interference


GRC’s unique AR glass fibre
makes it irrespirable unlike
asbestos fibre

easy fixing

GRC’s easy fixing method
avoids all problems of wet
fixed cladding

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