5 Best Wall Texture Designs for Kitchen

28, October 2022

Wall designs texture for kitchen is an important factor in kitchen design because it creates a layered look that allows other kitchen elements to blend well together.

If you're not careful, you can wind up with a whole lot of "shiny-and-smooth" kitchen features, without any textures to balance it out. Even modern kitchen designs, which are known for their sleek and streamlined finishes, can wind up looking flat if you don't find a way to mix it up.

Most people may give more priority to other aspects like cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc. But it’s also highly important to note that incorporating wall texture designs into your kitchen are just as beneficial as the others. A cooking area without any signs of stylish wall texture can look quite pale even if it just recently underwent a major kitchen remodel.

Here are a handful of wall texture ideas for your kitchen to make sure you keep things interesting.

#1 Hexagon-shaped Blocks

Choosing hexagon-shaped tiles to create a honeycomb-like wall texture is one design idea that many homeowners prefer. The wall texture can be used for any room, to transform a blank wall into an eye-catching space. It is best suited for the kitchen walls and makes for a perfect background.


#2 Textured accent wall

Adding a textured accent wall to the kitchen is one way to improve the overall appearance. Adding textures to standard wall paint creates a sophisticated and stylish look that guests will adore. The textured patterns are so tempting that they shall never stop touching the walls. To feel the touch of art, try semi-circular or straight-lined wall texture designs on your kitchen.


#3 Wooden Pattern

Your interior wall texture design for kitchen can be successfully aggravated by incorporating a bit of nature. It is a quick and original approach to improve your interior design and join the ranks of those with fashionable spaces. Your kitchen’s wooden accents will offer your lifestyle a traditional yet cozy comfort. Additionally, combining the wooden floors with the textured walls is the frosting on the cake.


#4 Paint Wall Texture

Using texture paint is one of the simplest ways to give your walls texture. A smooth wall can be rapidly transformed into something much more fascinating by doing this. Slap brushes are frequently used to apply textured paint, but texture sprayers, stomp brushes, and paint rollers can also be used.


#5 Brushed Wall Texture

While some brushed wall methods, including the knockdown and popcorn textures, are no longer popular, others are. One of them is Venetian plaster, which when dried produces a fantastic spatter pattern for drywall. Instead of using paint, this form of finish allows you to create any type of texturing you desire with a slap brush.


The traditional types of wall textures are orange peel texture, knockdown, slap brush, sand swirl and popcorn among others. While still used, these are out of fashion as wall texture types and are more commonly used for ceiling texture.

For modern walls, you can choose Birla White Textura. A cement-based wall texture finishing product. It is used for aesthetic purposes and offers a variety of exquisite textures for your internal and external walls. Which has a range of options such as Roller Medium, Roller Classic, Spray Coat, Antonio, Graniplast and Rustik, among others. You can look at the different kinds of designs and the finishes, for both interior wall texture and exterior wall texture. It is available in two varieties – (i) Spray/Roller Finish (RF), which is ideal for interiors, and (ii) Trowel Finish (TF), which is ideal for exteriors. Along with beautiful texture patterns, it comes with superior adhesion and tensile strength.

The durability it brings, along with ease of application and the variety of design options, makes it ideal for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, and so on.

Are beautiful, aesthetic walls with a designer finish just what you’re looking for your kitchen? Choose Birla White Textura!

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