How can Putty not only enhance the beauty of your walls but also safeguard them?

05, April 2022

Don’t you sometimes wonder – they’re just walls, how easy can it be to protect them? To shield them from the elements. To get to the bottom of it, let us peel away the layers of your wall bit by bit.

A wall is not just another solid brick and cement partition in your house. A wall must have the strength to hold up the floors above and withstand changes of weather, the onslaught of damp monsoons. And of course, it also must look good. Guess what helps a wall hold it all together? It all boils down to putty.

Putty is a white cement mixture used to fill gaps, imperfections, cracks on walls and to make them resistant to humidity. It also helps enhance the paint job done on it afterwards. But apart from this, putty can also help safeguard your walls as well as the occupants inside your house.

Birla White Bio-shield putty is India’s first white-cement based polymer modified putty with anti-microbial attributes. So not only does it give your walls a smooth marble-like finish, it also protects your walls from disease causing germs. Birla White Bio-shield putty make topcoat emulsions sit like a dream. It is India’s only anti-viral, anti-bacterial putty with silver ion technology. Tested for its performance at India’s foremost NABL certified laboratories, Birla White Bio-shield wall putty is a preferred choice of homeowners and interior professionals alike.

Birla White Bio-shield putty has pre-wetting-free properties, a quality not many white-cement-based putty brands could claim. Apart from its anti-microbial qualities, Birla White Bio-shield putty offers premium coverage on your walls so that the application of primer before painting is not required.

Now, let’s get into the technical specifics. Birla White Bio-shield putty is thermostable – meaning, it is not affected by heat. It is also non leachable when it comes to surface treatment and exposure to sunlight, humidity, moisture does not in any way alter its anti-microbial properties. How?

Birla White Bio-shield putty is based on Silver ion (Ag+) technology. That’s why, if any external reactant or bacteria or virus cannot even touch the surface it will give off Silver ions which will help neutralize microbial threats and stopping fungal growth – giving you total protection from germs. In fact, it even goes a step further. The Silver ions directly destroy the cellular environment of microbes, rupturing cell membranes and rendering them ineffective.

This Silver ion technology also increases the putty’s lifespan, making the coverage as well as the whiteness last long. The whiteness of Birla White Bio-shield wall putty deserves special mention. It is measured on a Hunter Whiteness scale and scores a neat +94.5% while other brands fall somewhere around +93%. No wonder you get a premium, silky marble-like texture on your walls.

So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your walls, as well as safeguard them with a putty that’s anti-microbial – resistant to bacteria, virus and algae growth, withstands heat stress, humidity, moisture, as well as gives you premium quality finish, along with the brightest of the whiteness and long-lasting coverage, look no further and choose only Birla White Bio-shield putty. It comes in packs of 30 kgs, priced at Rs. 1395.