Modern White Concrete Architectures Across the World

The term concrete is synonymous with strength, durability, and utility. White concrete has the above-mentioned benefits with the additional advantage of providing an aesthetic finish and high reflectivity. The colour white has been a source of inspiration from many Roman and Greek structures.

In today’s date, white concrete is becoming increasingly popular with architects due to its pure look and uniform feel. It is created by combining lower iron and manganese oxide levels. There is a high demand for white cement concrete in countries with hotter climates due to its heat-reflecting properties. Scientists have shown that white-painted walls attract less heat than darker walls. This helps in reducing the demand for energy in air conditioning, making it economical as well.

White Cement

It is also being used in countries with advanced economies for the construction of state-of-the-art landmarks and innovatively designed buildings. This versatile material has been transformed into museums, recreation centres, houses, and churches. We’ve searched the entire globe from Shanghai to Miami in the pursuit of presenting the best white concrete architecture around the world.

The list of our favourite picks is

1. Tulum Treehouse, Mexico - The Tulum Treehouse was designed to provide a holiday home for jungle lovers; by the Co-lab design office. It consists of 5 luxury bedrooms that peacefully fuse with the serene natural environment. The key feature of this minimalistic yet modern villa is that it has been polished with white concrete. The furniture and all decor have been sourced from the locals.

2. Faena Forum, Miami - Faena Forum is a cultural centre located in Miami which is created out of white cement concrete. The tropical contours of Miami beaches have been an inspiration for this unique cylindrical design. It is constructed by the OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) to hold exhibitions, meet new people, and host corporate events. This ingenious design solution not only provides shade but is also meets the hurricane guidelines. 

3. Wormhole Library, China - The wormhole library is located in Haiku, the capital of Hainan province in China. This library is distinguished by its amorphous design and its large hole-like cut-outs to allow natural light and air to enter.  This white concrete library is an extension of a cafe, bike storage, and nursery.  Visitors can read, enjoy the view of the sea and attend open-air performances to escape from the hectic city life. The MAD architects from China have designed this simple but strong essence of a cloudscape.

4. Church of San Tiago de Antas, Portugal - This elliptical shaped church is located in a small town in northern Portugal named Vila Nova de Famalicão. The local architect Hugo Correia describes his design as historically significant yet modern. This marvel is carefully constructed keeping in mind the sentiments of the people, including a church, cemetery, and chapel. The curving white cement concrete structure consists of several elements which tell a story about the religious programs. This church boasts of a symbolic significance and is situated overlooking the town.

5. Modern Art Museum, Vilnius - The Modern Art Centre (MAC) was created to share the cultural heritage of Lithuania with domestic and international visitors. The 3,100 square meter museum designed by Daniel Libeskind consists of a cafe, bookshop, roof filled with plants, and auditorium. The combination of white concrete and geometrically designed building helps to fill the place with natural light. This uniquely designed structure aims to connect a story of the past with the future of the city.

6. K Residence, Udaipur - New Delhi-based Matra Architects have built the white concrete house in Udaipur. This house has been constructed 9 meters above the Fateh Sagar lake that has a spectacular view of the lake and the Aravalli Mountains. The specialty of this house is the integration of modern aesthetics with the historical significance of Udaipur.

7. Vidhan Sabha – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh : The newly constructed White Cement based Concrete used at New Vidhan Sabha Bhawan Bhopal was made by our Birla White Cement. The beams of Vidhan Sabha Bhawan are constructed by M/s Puri Constructions Pvt Ltd.

White Portland Cement

The white concrete architecture list does not end here. People are constantly finding ways to innovate and improve their designs. It is being used to create houses, statues, roads, and boutiques. Due to its rich look, luxury brand Dior has already incorporated the use of white concrete in their flagship store. This clothing boutique located in Miami has sculpted white panels.

If you have not fallen in love with white concrete yet, we have a bunch of ideas for you to test out. You come across this decorative concrete more frequently than you realize. It is used to make showpieces and unique décor. Everybody loves a personalized design as it has an emotional value attached to it. The architect or designer in you can come alive by using the Birla white cement. You can use it to make tables, wine cellars, kitchen countertops, coasters, decor and so much more. You can also paint your wall in the colour of your choice to give your house a new look. We recommend Birla white cement and making it a fun weekend activity with the entire family! It is the perfect canvas for an artistic flair in the house.

Can white cement concrete be incorporated in India’s infrastructure?

After seeing stunning architectures around the world, we can conclude that white cement concrete is a great option for projects which demand high resilience and sustainability. Some ideas are as follows

1. Indian highway barriers and parking structures

It will be a great measure for improved safety and low maintenance infrastructure. Reflectivity is of prime importance during night-time driving or wet weather. Birla White cement has twice the light reflectance over grey concretes during normal conditions and thrice during the dark. 

2. Prestigious construction projects

It can be used to construct landmarks or heritage sites that talk about India's rich legacy. White cement is known for its high strength, high refractive index and is also an unbiased colour base.

3. Decorative showpieces and installations

The demand for white cement are rising for both the exterior and interior decoration of houses. White cement can be used to make customized gifts, for instance, flowerpots and statues. It can also be used to make creative textured walls that brighten up any room.