Primer Before Paint! When It Is Necessary And When It Is Not?

17, February 2023

To answer this question, it is first important to explain what a primer is and what is its function. Primers are made of resin for the purpose of creating a strong bond between various building materials. It is made of the same basic substance as paint, but it has no pigment. Primer also helps in making the walls smoother so that the paint can set without any undulation. It also hides imperfections on the wall. 

Many a times customers look for primers for walls without understanding if their home needs a primer or whether just paint will suffice. First, let’s understand whether it is your interior which is a concern or your exterior walls. With time, both our interior as well as exterior walls experience intense wear and tear. Bad plumbing or the rainy season also causes seepage and damp to occur. In many cases, your interior or exterior walls will become flaky and start peeling off. This is one scenario when using primer will help before using paint. Primer not only creates a strong bond between the building materials, it also binds the paint to the wall surface should you choose to paint your wall. 

Primer before paint! When it is necessary and when it is not

The other scenario is that you want to paint your wall but you find that your wall has small cracks and uneven textures. In this case, before you start with the painting, invest in a good quality primer for your walls. Now this could be for your interior as well as exterior walls. Both may develop cracks and uneven surfaces due to ageing and weather-related wear and tear. Choose a wall primer that helps smoothen out the undulations before you apply paint. Once you apply exterior or interior primer, you will see that not only will your wall look smooth, the paint quality will also look enhanced giving your walls a premium look and feel. 

Now when it comes to primers, Birla White has primers for both interior and exterior. Birla White Extocare is one of the best exterior primers available in the market. It is a white cement-based polymer-modified exterior primer that gives 7 times more adhesion on your exterior walls, which is way more than ordinary acrylic primers available.  Extocare primer keeps your exterior walls looking good for longer by preventing peeling of the wall surface. Not only that, Extocare is also certified by NABL accredited laboratory. 

Here are some of its features:


● Best in-class opacity and whiteness

● Possesses anti-carbonation property

● Provides 7x* more adhesion to topcoat than other primers

● No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

● Anti-alkali

● Eco-friendly

● Highly Durable

Here is a list of all the benefits of Extocare Exterior Primer:


● Protects RCC structure from corrosion

● Prevents peeling of topcoat

● Easy to apply

● Beneficial for application on high rise

● Can be applied on damp/moist surfaces

● Resists UV and weathering effect

Listing down some specifications of Extocare:

Coverage (Sqft/Kg/Coat) [On Ideal smooth surface]* 90-110 In House
Pot life (Hours) 3.0-3.5 In House
Whiteness (%, HW) +94.5% In House

Drying time @ 25±2 ºC

 -Touch Dry

-Hard Dry

Min 1 hrs.

Max. 6 hrs.

In House
VOC (mg/kg) Nil ASTM 6886
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.80-0.90 In House

* This value is on a smooth surface; however, this may change according to surface texture.

Birla White also has interior primer. Birla White Primacoat is a white cement-based liquid primer which provides better coverage and stronger adhesion on your interior walls. When compared to ordinary acrylic primers, this is better at preventing peeling of walls. This is India’s first white cement-based liquid primer.


Its superior adhesion quality and offers higher coverage to subsequent topcoats.


● Excellent opacity and whiteness

● Improves the appearance of the topcoat

● Does not require pre-wetting or curing with water

● Provides excellent adhesion to topcoat emulsions

● Prevents peeling off of top coat emulsions


It can be applied on all types of surfaces like interior cement plasters, interior ceilings, and interior wall putty surfaces,s, etc. as an interior primer. 

Listing down some specifications of Primacoat:

*Coverage (Sq.ft/Ltr/Coat) 170-200 sq.ft/Ltr/Coat
Drying time (surface dry) 30 minuts
Stability of thinned paint use within 24 hrs
Thinning 100% by volume with water
OVERCOATABILITY ( drying time to recoat) 4 - 6 HRS @27˚ +- 2˚C & RH 60 ± 5%
Post application instructions Apply finishing coat within 7-8 days of primer application
Shade range White Shade
Packaging 1 ltr, 4 ltrs, 10 ltrs & 20 ltrs.
Safety features Non-Flammable.
Method of application brush or roller after suitable dilution
Shelf life 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Recommended surfaces Interior cement plasters, interior ceilings, interior wallputty surface etc. as an interior primer
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent opacity and whiteness
  • Improves appearance of top coat
  • Does not require curing with water
  • Provides excellent adhesion to top coat emulsions
  • Prevents peeling off of top coat emulsions

Hence it totally depends upon what your requirement is before you choose to decide whether to put primer before paint or not. In any case, Birla White has wall primers for both interior and exterior walls.

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