The Importance of Pre-Wetting walls before applying Birla White WallCare putty

We know how much you love your new home, and when it is about love, we know how important it is to do everything right. Beautiful walls make for a beautiful home. The most important thing for smooth, flake free and long-lasting walls is to apply Birla White WallCare putty before painting.

The process of applying the Putty holds more importance than you think. The putty is applied before the painting of the walls and it helps in filling the fine pores on the walls and ceilings, thereby providing a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. Although, just applying putty before painting a wall does not ensure beautiful, smooth and glassy walls. What is essential is to wet the walls before the application of putty itself.

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Here are a few reasons why the pre-wetting of walls before applying putty is essential.

Easier To Work With-

Birla WallCare Putty

The coverage area of WallCare Putty on smooth, normal mortar wall is 1.5 to 2.0 square meter in two coats. This coverage also depends on factors such as the quality of the substrate and pre-wetting. If the wall is moistened before applying WallCare Putty, the coverage is seen to considerably increase.

On the other hand, if the effect of efflorescence is high on the brick’s masonry or concrete, then proper care should be taken to control the same, before the application of WallCare Putty since it can impair the bonding of the putty with any other product. Efflorescence can be easily caused due to the quality of the water, sand and the bricks.

Efficiency of German Polymers Increases-

Birla Wall Care

The cracks on the outside of the walls can cause moisture to into your homes, making your walls looks dead and dull. The situation can get worse if this moisture on the walls becomes the breeding ground for fungi, algae or moulds.

This problem can be fought very easily with a special formula that Birla White WallCare Putty has developed. This formula includes HP polymers, and it’s formulation doesn’t allow water molecules to reach the paint surface, keeping your walls drier, safer and as beautiful as ever.

No Film Formation on the Wall-

Birla WallCare Putty Coverage

The application procedure of white cement putty on a wall before painting can get extremely elaborate, tedious and time-consuming. Generally, the process is as follows- apply the cement putty on a pre-wetted and clean surface and wait for it to dry. Following which, scrub the surfaces gently to remove any loose ends that may be stuck, to give a smooth look. After having dried the walls completely can the final coat of putty be applied.

However, if you are using Birla White WallCare Putty, you can save a lot of your time as you need not scrub the surface for loose particles, due to water-proof quality of the putty. Although there is a need to remove unevenness from the walls before applying paint/distemper, one can level the walls using waterproof, emery paper of 500 number to get a glossy look. This general lack of film formation on the surface makes the process easier and your walls glow and look beautiful, just the way they should.

Reduced Dust-

The process of painting the walls can cause dust inhalation for the workers and others who might be present there. These dust particles can stay suspended in the air for a prolonged period which is a big health hazard, especially for asthmatic patients. Whereas, when Birla White WallCare Putty is used, the experience is entirely dust free, making it a safer and easier option.

To conclude, Birla White WallCare Putty, has been proved to have superior quality and is the first putty in India to have met the global standards, HDB Singapore. Some of the benefits you get when you choose only the best putty are how it successfully prevents flaking of paint, its water resistance and that it keeps your paint and walls dry and bright.

It is eco-friendly which means, WallCare Putty does not contain any harmful chemicals, oil, lead, toxic material or fumes which may otherwise be risky for the health of you and your loved ones. It can be applied on both interior as well as exterior walls and ceilings.

Only Birla White WallCare Putty will give you the perfect smooth, white, and glossy finish surface that you need to bring out the true tones of your favourite wall paint colours that make a statement. Ask for only the ‘original’ Birla White WallCare Putty at your nearest supplier and make your dream house dream a reality!