Three Grades For Choosing The Right Type Of Cement

White Cement

‘Home is where your story begins’. Constructing a house is building our own empire. To build a house, love and cement both are extremely important ingredients. Cement acts like a cohesive agent in building a house just as love plays in building relationships. Hence, stronger the cementing, stronger shall be the bonds. Quality cement is ‘Ordinary Portland Cement’. The ordinary Portland cement is available in different colours. Gray and white coloured cement. Gray Portland cement is used in the construction of residential buildings. While the White Portland Cement is used for any architectural buildings, and interior and exterior decorations.

White Portland Cement is available in the market in following three grades:

33 Grade Ordinary Portland cement

White cement in India makes use of 33 grade, extensively. The grade is useful for the works of masonry and other common type of concrete works. The respective white cement is used where the stress conditions are mild. The adulteration of white cement with sulphate makes it unsuitable for type 33 grade. The 33-grade white cement strength is calculated based on 28 days duration. The strength of 33-grade white cement in India is 33 N/m2. There is no need of a primary coat once white cement is applied. 33-grade white cement also assures the quality of paint life and the breathability of the wall is maintained, which prevents the wall from damping.

43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement

The work where strain is high, engineers recommend to use white cement with 43-grade. White cement in India with this type of grade is usually used in brick masonry, plastering, painting, flooring and in RCC Work. 43-grade white cement in India attains compression strength of 43 mega Pascals within time span of 28 days. The adhesiveness of 43-grade white cement is stronger than 33-grade. The bonding capacity is better with the substrate. Durability of the 43-grade white cement is high enough to withstand the adverse effects of climate.

53 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement

The construction which demands the higher and quicker initial strength prefers 53-grade white cement. As compared to 33 and 43 grade white cement 53-grade has a quicker and stronger setting. 53 mega Pascal strengths can be attained within 28 days of setting. The cement is used in RCC and pre-stressed concrete of higher grades, cement grouts, and instant plugging mortars. 53-grade cement has stronger adhesive bonding than the other 33 and 43-grade ones. It has a higher compressive strength. The volume of cement is more for same weight, which results in more opacity and the fineness of the cement.

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