What is the water mixing ratio for Bio-shield Putty?

30, September 2022

With the ever-changing world and its problems, there is a new issue that must be addressed. Germs and bacteria that cause disease can harm your walls as well as your health. As a result, in order to protect you from this new problem, Birla White has innovated a brand-new solution in the form of its latest product Birla White Bio-Shield Putty. 

The Bio-Shield Putty from Birla White is no different. It is India’s first white cement-based polymer modified putty with anti-microbial properties. Bio-shield putty imparts a smooth finish to walls and makes the surface look marble-like. As the name suggests, this putty also protects your walls from germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus. It provides safety as well as ultimate whiteness to your walls, enhancing the performance of topcoat emulsions and giving your walls a marble-like finish with germ protection. With this anti-bacterial wall putty, you can now protect yourself and your walls while keeping them healthy. It has been tested in NABL accredited laboratories and has become a choice of homeowners especially in recent times when focus has shifted back to health and hygiene. 

Application of Birla White Bio-shield Putty: 

One must be careful while mixing it with water. It is important to remember to add 1 kg of Birla White Bio-Shield Putty with 45% clean water, in that ratio, and keep stirring, preferably with a mechanical stirrer. Extreme care needs to be taken and the process must be thorough. It doesn’t matter if the mixing is being done by hand or by mechanical stirrer.

Once done, apply the first coat of Birla White Bio-Shield putty on the wall/substrate surface uniformly with the help of a putty blade. Ensure that during the application, substrate surface temperature should not exceed above 40-degree centigrade. 

After drying the first coat of Bio-Shield Putty, rub the surface gently with the wet sponge or very gently with the putty blade in order to remove the loose particles.

Also, make sure that you mix only the required quantity of Bio-shield Putty mix and ensure that the entire quantity is used within 3 and a half hours. 

And leave the surface to dry preferably 10-12 hours before application of topcoat paint/distemper. The total thickness of both coats should be limited to a maximum of 1.5 mm.

Why Birla White Bio-Shield Birla White Putty? 

Birla White Bio-Shield Putty has a pre-wetting-free property, which is first-of-its-kind in any white cement-based putty.

It’s the best home shield putty which offers: 

1. Excel putty-like finish with germ protection

2. Silver ion technology

3. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-algae

4. Tested by NABL Lab

India’s First Anti-viral Putty 

Unlike many other white cement-based putty brands, Bio-shield putty has pre-wetting-free attributes. It offers premium coverage on your walls for a smooth marble like finish, putty is based on Silver Ion (Ag+) technology that makes it more advanced than other putty. If any external reactant tries to breach the surface, the putty will give off silver ions which help neutralize microbial threats and stop fungal growth. It also prevents virus, bacteria or fungus from making your walls their home. 

Provides Whiteness

Birla White Bio-Shield Putty’s whiteness is measured on the Hunter Whiteness Scale (HW) by comparing reflectance to a standard reference material. Birla White Bio-Shield putty score +94.5% on HW versus +93% fir regular putty. 


In a word, Birla White Bio-Shield Putty is the greatest anti-viral putty in its field since it offers a special combination of benefits for your walls, including safety, whiteness, curing-free, etc. Homes have changed along with the evolution of humanity and their numerous difficulties. It's time to advance once more and get the highest-quality items for your home so that you can live comfortably, happily, and with comfort. 

If you want to beautify your walls while also making them germ and microbe resistant, look no further than Birla White Bio-Shield Putty. It is available in 30 kg packs and costs Rs. 1395. Choose Birla White Bio-Shield Putty. 

"Safedi or Suraksha Dono Paayein, Deewaro Pe Lagayein."