What makes Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty the best Waterproof Putty?

10, May 2021

Water is extremely important for humans; however, this water can ruin your walls completely if found in the form of dampness. Damp walls are a sore sight for any home. You may have the best interiors, furniture, or paint but if your walls have water seepage problems and dampness is clearly visible on your walls, then it completely takes away the beauty of your home. But don’t you worry. Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty is here with all the right answer to your damp wall worries. 

 So, get set to say goodbye to damp walls and hello to beautiful looking walls with the best waterproof wall putty in the market. 

The feature that makes this product stand out is its 2x water resistance property. This key makes this water-resistant wall putty is a superior wall protector against water from ruining your walls and taking away the aesthetic beauty of your home,

Let us dive into some important qualities of Birla White WallSeal Waterproof putty for walls and understand how it works in making the walls of your home dampness-free and waterproof.

Contains the power of 2x water resistance: 

The most important and key quality of a water-resistant wall putty is its power of resistance as compared to other putty. Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty gives your walls 2x more water-resistance than any other putty. It ensures that water is kept far from your walls and dampness does not ruin the beauty of your home. This makes our WallSeal Putty a clear winner in the market and amongst the masses.

Built with Active German Silicon Polymers:

Birla Waterproof Putty contains active German Silicon Polymers that make the putty eco-friendly and gives the walls durability and resistance to hairline cracks. Birla White’s waterproof putty for walls is made with white cement, hydrophobic RD polymer, German Active Silicone Polymer and graded fillers. This is the perfect blend for your walls and homes, and gives your home an overall fresh look while protecting.

Provides Best Whiteness: 

Birla White WallSeal gives your walls the brightest and the whitest look. It provides a smooth and glossy finish to the surface making it look more appealing and easier to paint on. It gives your walls the strongest base that you need to keep the walls away from water keeping it dampness free. It also helps to keep the dullness away and does not let your walls look boring at any cost. 

Birla waterproof putty, a water-resistant wall putty is a cement-based putty that can help you build strong walls that are water-resistant. Since it keeps the dampness away, it helps to make your home look new for a very long time and hence, it keeps the dullness away as well. Birla Waterproof putty is suitable for your exteriors and interiors and its property of better workability goes best in both - interior and exterior.

Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty saves a lot of effort and energy spent in the painting process. The application of the same is quite easy but there are a few things one must keep in mind with water-resistant wall putty. 

• While applying the putty on the walls, make sure the substrate is in pre-wet/moist condition.

• Slowly add 1 kg of Wallseal Waterproof putty with 36-38% clean water to make paste. 

• Mixing should be carried out preferably by mechanical stirrer (3-5 minutes) to obtain a creamy consistency. Leave the paste for 5minutes after thorough mixing to get best results. 

• Prepared paste should be used within 3:00 to 3:30 hrs.

• Make sure you mix the putty very well before applying. It is quite important to mix the putty, it gives your walls a smoother texture. 

• The right amount of putty is always important. Having the right amount of putty mix can help you use the required time and help you manage time as well. 

• Make sure the putty paste is out of children’s reach and make sure no one swallows it. It is harmful and medical attention should be taken by the person who has ingested it. 

• Ensure you wash your hands timely after the application of putty. If the irritation still persists after hand wash, seek medical help. 

Using and applying the best water-resistant wall putty can help you reduce a lot of your work and save your time. It gives your house a new shine for a long time and why not? Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty that gives Sabse Safed Deewar Aur Roke Paani Ka Har Waar!

When building your dream home, it is always better to resort to the best option and give your walls the truest of shine and superior protecting. Therefore, the next time you plan on renovating your house, don’t worry about your wall-related issues like dampness, dullness, and whiteness because the best water-resistant wall putty, Birla Waterproof Putty has got you covered.