Which wall putty should be used for wooden surfaces?

31, March 2023

First impressions are always important, especially when it comes to your house. To any new acquaintance, your house can be their first impression of you. So, having a bright and perfect home is

extremely important. While there are lots of products like paint, primer, plaster, waterproofing solutions etc. that are very important for your home, one of the main factors that can help you achieve a smooth finish for your house walls is wall putty. It’s very important that you use only the best wall putty for your home.

Choosing the right wall putty for your interior and exterior walls is crucial so that your house can get that desired flawless look. But while doing so, one question that might arise is, what kind of putty can be applied on the walls and can the same be applied on the wooden surfaces? To understand this, first,

let’s deep dive into the workings of wall putty and the wall putty uses.

Wall Putty 101

Using wall putty is crucial for your house as it not only gives your walls a smoother finish but also helps rebuild the structural integrity of your home in case of any damage suffered. Composed of polymer as well as some other minerals, wall putty is a white cement-based powder that can be applied to your walls before applying paint on it.

Uses of Wall Putty

Here are some of the benefits of applying wall putty on your house walls.

Base coat for paint

Applying wall putty before painting can help give your walls the perfect smooth finish by covering any obstruction on the surface. It can also increase the durability of your paint.

Covers up cracks 

Using wall putty can help your walls establish a level surface by sealing the cracks and holes in your walls.

Prevents peeling 

The application of wall putty on your walls can prevent damage like peeling as it has moisture resistance.

Hassle-free process 

The application procedure for wall putty is very simple and it dries within 24 hours making it a very quick process.

2 Types of Wall Putty

Mainly there are two types of wall putty that you can choose from depending on the type of surface you want to apply it on.

Cement Wall Putty 

A cement wall putty as the name suggests is one that’s made from cement. The fractures and holes in the walls can be filled with white cement putty as it gives the walls a perfect and level surface. This wall putty can also be used to make the walls ready for painting. A cement wall putty usually needs to be

mixed in water before the application as it’s purchased in powder form. This type of wall putty can be applied on masonry and concrete surfaces.

The Birla White WallCare Putty is a white cement-based putty that’s available in the market, it’s one of the best wall putty for your home. The Birla White WallCare Putty is water-resistant and gives your walls a smooth look while protecting the paint on your walls. It consists of special mineral fillers and chemicals and can be applied on surfaces such as plaster or concrete or RCC. These surfaces should be free from loose materials, grease, dust etc. The Birla White WallCare Putty requires no curing after it’s applied and provides your walls with superior whiteness and true tone of colour while preventing flaking.

Acrylic Putty

Accessible in powder or ready-to-use form, acrylic putty is the much-awaited solution for the wooden surface query! That’s right, this putty can not only be used for interior walls but also wooden surfaces. While accessible only in white shade, acrylic putty can give you the desired smooth finish while filling any dents on the surface. The acrylic putty is also alkali resistant and consists of special acrylic binders.

However, that’s not all, if you’re looking for a putty specifically for your woodwork then a wood putty may be the answer for you!

Wood Putty

Be it wooden furniture or flooring, wood putty can help you repair the cracks or dents present in it. Wood putty is perfect for application in places where there’s expansion and contraction of wood in response to humidity and temperature shifts, this is because the putty remains pliable.

Wood putty can be applied to painted, unpainted or stained wood. In order to match the finish of the

wood, it’s also available in various colours but it takes time to dry.


There are different types of putty available in the market to choose from. Hence, it is crucial to consider all factors before making the right choice. Birla White, one of the leading brands for white-cement-based putty has a range of putty available for your every need. After creating India’s No.1 WallCare Putty,

Birla White has also innovated India’s first scented putty. Other than the WallCare putty, Birla White also has Excel Putty to provide the walls of your home with a marble-like finish. It also has the WallSeal Waterproof Putty which has 2x water resistance as well as the Bio-shield Putty which is India’s first anti-viral putty. Thus, with its wide range of offerings, Birla White is easily the best choice of wall putty for your home.


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