White Cement v/s Grey Cement

Cement is an essential building material in the process of construction. The grey cement is the more commonly used cement everywhere, whereas the white cement is used for specific purposes only, or when a certain kind of finish is required.

Apart from these usage lead benefits, there are many technical differences between the two types of cement. Read on to know more!

Grey Cement White Cement
It contains a high amount of iron oxide and manganese oxide, which end up giving the cement that classic grey colour. It contains iron and manganese, but not in oxide forms, which end up giving the cement its white colour.
It has a coarse texture, and its granular structure does not allow it more coverage. It is much finer in texture, and therefore also gives more coverage.
It has a lower refractive index. It has a higher refractive index.
Its manufacturing takes lesser time and is not a very expensive process.

Its manufacturing process takes more amount of time and is a comparatively less expensive process.

standard, white cement is the preferred alternative. It finds many applications architectural beauty, interior, and exterior decorations, floorings, ornamental concrete products, etc.

Birla White Cement has quite a standing in the market. Known for its fineness, high refractive index, and most importantly, its high opacity, this brand is exactly what your wall needs.