Why are primers important before painting?

31, March 2022

What surfaces is primer applicable on?

Primer can be applied on a range of surfaces like exterior walls, plastic surfaces, and Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structures. It prevents the top coat of paint from peeling off the surface. Humid weather conditions can cause structural damage if RCC is corroded. The application of Birla Primer keeps the RCC from corrosion. Direct application of the paint will reduce the life of the paint on the walls. This is because there would be nothing holding the paint on the wall and moisture could seep in the pores and cause the paint to flake. Furthermore, the grey colour of the cement could affect the true shade of the paint. Primer aims at solving these issues.


How to apply a wall primer?  

Ensure that surface is completely free from any dirt particles, grease, fungi, loosely held plaster or paint. The surface of the application must be wet before the application of the primer. After thoroughly mixing, apply the wall primer on the moistened/wet wall surface uniformly with the help of painting brush or using an appropriate roller.


How does primer prepare walls?

Another astonishing feature of Birla White Extocare White Primer is that it is water resistant and anti-alkali. Therefore, it prevents water from seeping into the walls and flaking of the paint. The anti-alkali properties prevent alkali attacks on walls. Therefore, it provides a shield to the external walls from harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays. Application of the primer helps derive the best paint results on walls. It covers minor/hairline cracks and pores on the walls. It also binds any pre-existing powdery substances on the wall. Therefore, a smooth surface is provided that allows to paint easily. The result is a smooth finish looking wall and paint that lasts for a long time.


What are the advantages of a smooth paint surface?

Primer locks the pores of the walls. Therefore, the surface of the wall will be painted is smoothened. As a result, it is easier to apply paint in addition to a substantial reduction in the requirement of paint. Painting on the art and several art experiments can be effortlessly performed on the walls. It will not be wrong to say that primer is the main reason for a neatly painted and tidy-looking wall. After all, walls are often the background to our precious pictures. The background of your image must be as classic and premium as the sentiment that your image carries.


How does Birla White Extocare White Primer protect the paint?

The unique selling point of Birla White Extocare White Primer is that it is 7 times more adhesive due to cementitious nature.  It is this feature that makes Birla White Extocare White Primer the best exterior primer. It works as an adhesive between the wall and the paint thereby increasing the durability of the paint. It also covers all pores and cracks on the wall. As a result, it prevents the paint from flaking, chipping off, yellowing, and blistering. Since the primer covers all pores and minor/hairline cracks on the walls, and provides a smooth surface, the paint is easily applied and given a smooth finishing. 


How is a primer the best friend of paint?

The shade of paint for the wall is very carefully chosen. This is because walls are not painted regularly, and the colour of the walls has the potential to change the look and vibe of the place. Therefore, the chosen shade of the colour must be on the walls. Applying primer provides absolute whiteness to the walls that not only erases any reflection of any previous shade but also prevents the wall from absorbing the paint. As a result, the true shade of the colour is preserved on the wall for a long time.  


How is primer suitable on the exterior walls?

Wall primer is generally applied on the exterior walls of the house as they face the maximum brunt of harsh weather conditions. Events like heavy rainfall and extreme heat can yellow the paint, cause flaking, blistering, and chipping off of the paint. As a result, the exterior look of the house or a commercial building would look untidy and shabby. Regular repainting of the walls is neither financially smart nor an ecofriendly option. However, Birla White Extocare White Primer price makes it economic. Therefore, it is advised to apply Birla White Extocare primer. It not only holds the paint and keeps it tidy for a long time, but it also reduces the need for large quantities of paint and the regular application of paint.  


Is Birla White Extocare primer an eco-friendly and sustainable product?

Birla White Extocare White Primer for walls is a new age smart technology. It is eco-friendly, and possesses anti-carbonation properties. It is a certified green product by the Indian Green Building Council. In addition, it is a sustainable product that helps reduce the requirement for paint. Since it increases the durability of paint on walls, the requirement to paint walls every 3 to 4 years is changed up to 5-6 years due to cementitious nature. Therefore, there is a reduction in the waste production caused due to the flaking paint but also a reduction in the demand for large quantities of paint. Considering the paint surface is smooth, the paint requirement at the initial stage is also reduced. Therefore, it is also a financially smart decision as it reduces the expenditure due to the frequent need to paint walls.