Why are the whitest white primers preferred for your home walls?

19, May 2022

Are you excited to have the walls of your home repainted or have them painted for the first time? A little heads-up! wall painting is a long-lasting and thoughtful task. The color on the walls plays a significant role in defining the vibe and mood of a space. Additionally, the walls are not painted frequently. Therefore, it is natural to be nervous regarding the outcome of wall painting. But don’t worry, we are here to help you make the best decision for your home.Interestingly, wall painting is so much more than simply applying the paint on the wall. There is a wide range of colors to choose from and any minute difference in the tone and shade of the paint will count significantly.

Therefore, we have become conscious of our choice of shade and how it looks on the wall. It is absolutely necessary for walls to be as white as possible to have a shade of paint to look truly as it was chosen. There are several shades of white and not every shade of white is the whitest white. It could be difficult to differentiate the whitest white from other shades of white. Birla White Extocare Primer is the whitest white primer that beholds the true shade of white with no hue of any other shade. It is the whitest white wall primer for exterior walls that enables the chosen shade to retain its true shade for long after application.

But why you should believe us on Extocare being the whitest white wall primer. Please don’t. Believe the science. Hunter scale is used to measure whiteness of any white powder primer. Extocare Primer is 94.5% white on the hunter scale. It is ranked first in whiteness amongst all other primers. Other primers in the market only offer 90%-92% whiteness on Hunter scale. The technical reassurance of Birla White  Extocare Primer truly makes it the best exterior primer for walls. The premium look of the walls is retained through the shade of the paint and its durability.

If you are repainting the walls of your home, the hint of previous shade remains. In absence of Extocare Primer, it will mix with the new shade of paint. This will keep the true shade of the paint from showing on the walls. Old paint could also cause unevenness on the surface of the wall that could affect the shade of paint. Therefore, it is imperative to apply the whitest white primer before painting the walls.

It is truly miraculous how the whitest white primer is a boon to those who stride perfection and economical solution for their walls.