Why does Extocare have better adhesion than any Regular Primer?

Extocare Primer

Flaky and damp walls are a sight nobody would wish to witness after spending a fortune on painting. To avoid this hassle and unpleasant state of your walls, one must apply a white primer coat before the paint job. The first rule when it comes to painting your walls is not skipping the wall primer. Applying a base coat of exterior wall primer is crucial before painting your walls as it acts as a binding agent between the wall and the paint. 

Adhesion is one of the primary and key features of a primer. A good quality waterproof primer has higher adhesive properties than a regular wall primer. If one does not apply a coat of exterior primer before painting, the paint is bound to peel after some time. There are many types of wall primers available in the market, acrylic, and cement-based, being the most popular categories.

One of the significant differences between these two types is their composition. Cement primers create a more resilient base for your paint job than regular/acrylic primers. The best wall primer works as a binding agent and fills pores and small inequities in the wall. A white cement-based wall primer does this job of covering cracks and crevices better than an acrylic primer due to its cement composition and prevents the paint from seeping into the wall. Therefore, there is less wastage of paint.

According to the cross-cut adhesion test by the NABL accredited laboratories, Birla White Extocare Primer has more exceptional adhesion when compared to any other available acrylic wall primer in the market. It surpasses every primer when it comes to durability and can strengthen your walls due to its cement composition. Being a white cement-based primer, Birla White Extocare gives your walls the actual pigment of paint unlike any acrylic primer and keeps the paint intact. Most Acrylic primers are not water-resistant and cannot be applied on moist surfaces making it difficult to use. A white cement primer like Birla White Extocare is not only water-resistant but also anti-alkali. It has proven to work exceptionally well, even on damp and moist surfaces.

While acrylic primers also have a good adhesion strength, the adhesion strength of Birla White Extocare is 7x* more than any other wall primer, making it a superior white-cement based primer. It keeps the paint stuck to the wall and prevents the peeling of the topcoat, giving you flake-free and smooth walls for years.