01, March 2022


What is White Cement?

White cement is an integral part of long-lasting structures such as walls. Cast Stone and masonry block comprise of as the significant ingredients of the White Cement. It is a variant of While Portland Cement which is commonly referred to as grey cement. The white color is a result of addition of iron and manganese during the production process. 

It is a step ahead of grey cement as its benefits include and step beyond the benefits of grey cement. 


What are its benefits?

A. Benefits with paint

1. It provides high performance, consistency in color, and strength

2. It provides a durable and smooth matt finish surface to easily apply paint 

3. It allows a better coverage of paint and allows the real shade to shine through

4. Less paint is required as the smooth texture allows to spread the paint better

5. Protects wall paint from the moisture from the walls

B. Benefits from external harm

1. It makes walls resistant to external elements

2. It has a high refractive index thereby making walls a shield from harmful UV rays

C. Notable features

1. It has a highly compressive strength of 60 MPa

2. It has a superior fitness of 370-400 Blaine

3. It is a superior technology to utilise before applying paint

4. Manufactured in world-class plants

The process is called a 'wash'. The custom is to have your walls lime-washed, however, using white cement concrete mix will serve you multiple benefits.


How to use Birla White Cement?

The process to make the white composition is simple and quick. 

1. Add water to a small portion of Birla White Cement

2. The standard mix of water and white cement is 2:1

3. Steadily, mix the two ingredients to obtain a lump free, thick, semi-liquid composition

4. Scrap/ scrub/ brush the surface of application to ensure the adhesiveness of Birla White Cement composition is effectively put

5. Once this is done, the walls need to be properly soaked with clean water. You will be able to tell the wall is ready when the water begins running down it. 

6. Apply 2 to 3 coats of white cement to the surface at a gap of 24 hours 


Why prefer white cement wash over lime wash?

Firstly, Birla white cement wash is an advanced technology to be applied on walls before painting. Its key differentiator from lime wash is the durability. While durability of lime wash is a year, white cement is 2 to 3 years more durable. In addition, white cement is affordable. 

Secondly, although white cement is comparatively expensive than lime wash, it is a sustainable technology. While a certain quantity of lime wash can cover only so much area, white cement covers significantly more area in the same quantity. 

Thirdly, it provides high resistance from humidity and heavy rains thereby being more suitable than lime wash for a large part of India.

Fourthly, it prepares an exquisite smooth and white surface. It allows for easy and creative application of paint. 


There are some precautions that are advised to be taken when using Birla White Cement. You are recommended to ensure:

1. Always add water to cement and NOT cement to water. Therefore, while preparing the mixture, the proportion of cement will be more than water’s

2. The surface of application should either be newly plastered 

3. Scrap/ rub the surface clean of lime and oil paints 

4. Prepare the composition as per the requirement as it dries quickly 

5. Sunlight can lead the composition to dry even more quick thereby leaving brush marks

6. A gap of 24 hours must be allowed between the application of two consecutive layers.

Choose Birla White Cement

      This is a new age technology for your walls. While its benefits for the surface are significant, it is a protector from harmful radiations. It allows for sustainable consumption as a small quantity can be applied to a larger area in comparison to lime wash. The process of paint application is eased and allowed creativity. Furthermore its durability justifies its price. Procure your long-term investment in your living spaces.