Your Search for the Perfect Primer for Your Walls Ends Here!

The exteriors of your home are one of the most important aspects of how you are perceived. In fact, it is your first impression of sorts. In such a case, if your external wall paint is flaking and peeling, you are not likely to exactly leave the best impression, are you? This is why you need to be very mindful when choosing an external wall primer. The following are a few of the properties that you need to ensure that your wall primer has.


There's a test known as a cross-cut adhesion test that is administered to test how adhesive a primer is going to be. The Birla White Extocare Primer has done exceptionally well in this test and has proved to be 7 times more adhesive than the other primers. This is what has made it renowned as the best exterior wall primer in India.


The base of your primer is extremely important as it determines how it’s going to make your wall look. Primers with an acrylic base often make your walls look good only for a while. However, since paint is applied right on top of the primer, we recommend you go for a white cement-based primer as it gives you a white finish and high opacity. This is extremely important to get the true tone of colour.

Curing The process of curing takes place after your concrete/plastering application is done. Birla White Extocare Primer doesn’t require curing and saves your time.


The process of construction includes various aggressive influencers that eventually lead to corrosion and slow degradation of your wall. Hence, it’s imperative that you pick a wall primer that addresses this concern. Birla White Extocare, for example, has been certified by major nationalized laboratories like NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for its superior properties that help protect your wall from such factors.

Weather Protection

For external walls, protection from the weather is extremely essential since they are the most prone to damage. Anti-alkali and water-resistant properties are therefore essential since they go a long way for your wall protection. They also make sure that your wall paint colours stay the same colour and also that your paint doesn't peel off.

Eco-friendly In this current time, when the awareness for using eco-friendly products is so high, it makes sense to go for a primer that is not a threat to the environment. To ensure that your choice of primer fits in the criteria, it’s best to check the content of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and toxins in your primer. Moreover, you should also check for any odor your primer might emit.

It's often asked, how to paint a wall while ensuring that the paint lasts. The answer is Birla White Extocare Primer. This odourless, eco-friendly primer gives you great protection from the weather and other factors and is a great choice for your exteriors. Birla White Extocare Primer is a certified green product by Indian Green Building Council. So, go for it and get those great exterior walls that are sure to boost your reputation!