The ultimate plastering solution that lets you achieve the smoothest walls & perfect corners in your room.



The ultimate plastering solution that lets you achieve the smoothest walls & perfect corners in your room.
Birla White Zypcote is specially formulated gypsum plaster for internal plastering application. It can be directly applied as a replacement of traditional cement sand plaster over internal brick masonry, AAC blocks. Alternatively, it can be used as levelling material over plastered walls for a levelled surface & smooth finish. It is great for creating perfectly lined and levelled finish and corners. Zypcote’ s special proprietary additives give it great compressive strength while being lightweight which reduces dead load of structure than conventional cement & sand plaster. Apart from that, it does not require water curing thus saves time and the surface is ready for painting in 72 hours.
Product Highlights
No Water Curing
Shrinkage Crack Resistant
Easy to Apply
Economical Value for Money
  • Green building product.
  • Higher Coverage & Economical
  • Can be applied in thicker coat 0.008-0.01 meter thickness
  • No curing
  • Shrinkage crack resistant
  • Easy to apply just add water
  • Achieve perfect corners and level finish on your walls with minimal effort.
  • Better acoustic & insulation properties than cement sand plaster
  • No curing is required and surface is ready within 72 hours for painting

The technology used to manufacture this product is ‘Patent Pending’.

Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation
  • Before applying “Birla White Zypcote ” remove all loosely adhering material from the wall surface with the help of sand paper, putty blade or wire brush. The substrate should be clean, free from dust, grease and loose materials. Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water.
  • Pre-wetting of the substrate - The surface should be pre-wet before application this ensures easy workability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.
  • Mixing Procedure: - Add 60-65% clean water slowly to make a lump free paste of Birla white Zypcote. Continue the mixing for 2-3 min till a uniform paste is formed. It is very important that the mixing of “Birla White Zypcote” should be done thoroughly. This will help in easy application, obtaining more coverage. Only prepare a quantity, which can be used within 15 minutes of mixing with water.
Creating Levelling strips for Line and Level finish
  • Identify undulation by using water level pipe and using plumb for vertical level.
  • Put bull mark at every 1.2192 meter with Zypcote paste.
  • Create vertical levelling strips by putting aluminum batten ( bottom patti) on bull marks, and filling the gap between masonry work and alumium batten with Birla White Zypcote paste and leave it for drying .
  • Slowly remove the Aluminium batten and finish levelling strips with zypcote
Creating Levelling strips for Line and Level finish
  • After thoroughly mixing “Birla White Zypcote” apply the first coat in between levelling strips with the help of trowel from bottom to upward direction uniformly.
  • If required apply another coat till the level of undulations
  • Level the surface with aluminum float before stiffening of mix
  • Leave the surface for drying
  • Finish the surface with slurry of zypcote to get smooth finish
  • Ensure that plaster thickness should not more than 0.008-0.10 meter
  • Use clean bucket to mix Birla White Zypcote. Also, complete remove residue of previous mix for next batch preparation
  • Do not remix hardened paste.
  • Surface should be protected to continuous exposure to moisture
  • Ensure rapid loss water of during application; else, its strength will be impaired.
Tech Specifications
Dry bulk Density kg/m3 645-770
Initial Setting Time in Minutes 15-25
Final Setting Time in Minutes 20-30
Approximate Coverage* in square meter ≥ 80
Soluble MgO Wt% As per IS code 2547 Part II
Soluble Na2O wt% As per IS code 2547 Part II
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Zypcote is premium-plastering solution, formulated for plastering of internal walls . It gives perfect line and level finish.

Zypcote is a free-flowing off white powder, available in bags of 20kg, 25kg & 40kg.

Zypcote consists of high purity calcined gypsum & special additives. And it is complies with IS code 2547 Part II.

Zypcote can be directly applied as plaster on any type of masonry work (Brick , Block ) . Also it can be applied on hacked concrete surface ( bonding agent recommended )

Zypcote can be applied for 0.008-0.10 meter thickness. If undulation is higher than 0.008-0.10 meter a back coat of cementious material is recommend

No, Zypcote is a hemihydrate compound, thus no extra water needs to be added to it after application.

All type of paints can be applied post application of putty over Zypcote

Yes , Zypcote can be applied by any POP applicator