Seep Guard Interior Surfaces

White Cementitious One Component Waterproof Coating for Bathroom, Kitchen, Sunken Areas & Interior Walls


Seep Guard Interior Surfaces

White Cementitious One Component Waterproof Coating for Bathroom, Kitchen, Sunken Areas & Interior Walls
Birla White Seep Guard Waterproofing Solutions is a cutting-edge waterproof coating material with dual properties that, when applied to cementitious surfaces, effectively seals the small pores and cracks, assisting in the prevention of leakage and seepage. It effectively reduces the surface temperature as well. It can be used on Interior, Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces. The product is extremely effective because of its unique composition of German Elastomeric polymers & white cement which makes it highly reflective and imparts elastomeric qualities.
Seep Guard Interior Surfaces
Seep Guard Interior Surfaces is a Polymer Modified, White Cementitious, Elastomeric, High Performance Coating System suitable for masonry & concrete surfaces. The product can be used for both positive & negative waterproofing. It covers hairline cracks on the surface and ensures that water doesn't seep in through the walls, floors, and ceiling. Thus, it protects the structure from water-related damages.
Seepguard Waterproof Solutions Interior Surfaces from Birla White
Product Highlights
Features and Benefits
  • Waterproofing protection of up to 3 bars of positive and negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Adhesion: Very strong adhesion with masonry & concrete surfaces
  • Durability: Protects your building surface from leakage & seepage damages
  • Elastomeric: It has highly elastomeric properties to withstand stress caused by thermal expansion & contraction
  • Crack Bridging: Excellent crack bridging properties due to presence of German Elastomeric polymers
  • Use & maintenance: This is a single pack, white cement-based polymer modified powder product
  • Anti-Efflorescence: This product resists Efflorescence & provides long lasting effect
  • Eco-friendly: Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • Algae & Fungi Resistant
  • Warranty: This product provides 5 years waterproofing warranty
  • Positive & negative side for Waterproofing on specially Masonry surfaces, Concrete surfaces
  • Sunken areas like bathrooms, Kitchen sinks
  • Interiors like Living rooms, Bedroom
  • Water tanks

The technology used to manufacture this product is ‘Patent Pending’.

Technical Specifications
Sr.No Technical Parameter Specifications Test Method
1 Tensile Adhesion Strength (pull off) (n/mm²) @ 28 days 1.44 ASTM D7234
2 Water Impermeability (Against Hydrostatic Pressure) (Bar) Positive: Nil @ 3 bar & 3mm @ 5 bar
Negative: Pass @ 3 bar
EN 12390-8:2000
3 Crack Bridging (MM) No cracking up to 1.28 mm EN 1062-7
4 Alkali Resistance No colour Change IS 15489
5 Fungal Resistant Zero rating ASTM G 21
6 Coverage* Two coats on Brick masonry, Sq. ft/Kg 10-12 In House
7 Pot Life, hrs. 1.5 In-House
8 Reduction of surface temp. at Noon time (°C) 5-7 In-House
* This value is on ideal concrete surface; however, this may change according to surface pattern/texture
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Shelf Life
9 months from the month of manufacture in unopened & proper storage conditions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Seep Guard Interior surfaces is made up of Unique Composition of White Cement & flexible grade waterproofing polymers.

Seep Guard Interior Surfaces is a white dry mix in powder form, and it comes White in colour.

Before applying Seep Guard Interior Surfaces, the surface should be cleaned with water to remove any contaminants, such as efflorescence, that may interfere with the effectiveness of the coating. This will ensure that the coating can properly adhere to and protect the surface.

Seep Guard Interior Surfaces can be used for various applications including fresh construction, repairs, and renovations, following the SOP.

Coverage of Seep Guard interior Surfaces is 0.92-1.11 Sq. mt/Kg (Two Coats) on ideal surface

Seep Guard Interior Surfaces is available in two different pack sizes: 2 Kg and 10 Kg. This allows you to choose the size that is most suitable for your needs and the amount of surface area you need to cover.

It is possible to use it in the interior of a building on brick, stone, or hollow concrete block masonry work.

It can be also applied on repair/old surface in interior surfaces

There is no need to undergo a curing process after applying Seep Guard Interior Surfaces

It is important to store the product in a cool and dark place to prevent moisture from entering and affecting its quality.

The pot life, or the amount of time that the Seep Guard Interior Surfaces product remains usable after it has been mixed, is 1.5 hours.

The shelf life of Seep Guard Interior Surfaces is 09 months.

Seep Guard Interior Surfaces is specially formulated for both positive and negative side waterproofing. It has exceptional tensile adhesion, excellent crack bridging capabilities, and the ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure, making it a highly effective waterproofing solution.

It is not recommended to apply Seep Guard Interior Surfaces directly on surfaces that are dirty, greasy, or oily, or have loose adhesion. The surface should be clean and dry, with no cracks or visible pores or pinholes. It is important to check the substrate for soundness by tapping it with a small hammer before applying the product.

The Seep Guard Interior Surfaces product requires a water to product ratio of 60-65%, which means that for every 1 kg of the product, you should add 600-650 ml of water.
Available Pack Sizes
Seepgaurd Waterproof Solutions Interior Surface Produts from Birla White