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Birla White Extocare wall primer is a unique exterior wall primer from the house of Birla White which gives provides 7x* more adhesion to top coat than the best available acrylic primer in the market thereby giving better longevity to walls. It also exhibits anti-alkali and water resistant property which keeps your walls protected.

Birla White Extocare is a white cement-based polymer-modified, water-thinnable undercoat product that is proficient at creating a resilient base for your base coat/paints and decors. The superior strength of the product is a direct derivative of it being from the cement-based family that not only offers your wall an extra layer of protection but also provides the best possible opacity and whiteness needed for your paints. While Acrylic Primers help create adhesion needed for the paints, Birla White Extocare, being water resistant and anti-alkali, has proven to work exceptionally well even on moist surfaces, preventing the peeling of the top coat.

When it comes to RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete)/plaster wall surface: moisture, oxygen and airborne chlorides and carbons can play havoc on RCC, if not treated in advance. Birla White Extocare has been certified by major nationalized laboratories for its superior properties that help insulate the construction from these aggressive influencers that eventually lead to corrosion and slow degradation.

Birla White Extocare is just what your wall surface needs to make the beautifully painted walls stay beautiful for years to come.

Extocare contains Zero Volatile Organic Compounds, Zero toxins and is completely odor free.

Product highlights


Features White Portland Cement Features Icon - Birla White

  • High Cross-cut adhesion (7B)
  • Prevents peeling of top coat
  • Protects RCC Structure/Plaster surface from corrosion
  • Forms a white resilient and durable base for walls
  • No VOC
    (Volatile Organic Compounds)

benefits White Portland Cement Benefits Icon - Birla White

  • Best in class whiteness and opacity
  • Provides 7x* more
    adhesion to top coat than acrylic primers
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-alkali
  • No odor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly Durable
  • Ease of application
  • Prevents UV Weathering effect Resist UV Weathering effect

Applications White Portland Cement Applications Icon - Birla White

  • Ideal to be used directly on cement plastered/ RCC surfaces
    Can be applied on damp/moist surfaces
  • Ideal to be used as a Green Product
  • It meets the needs of surface preparation on cement wall plaster perfectly
  • Perfect for re-painting segments after proper surface preparation
  • Beneficial for application on high rise
  • RCC structures/Plaster surfaces

technical parameters

Sr. No Technical Parameters Specifications Test Method
1 *Coverage ( [On Ideal smooth surface] 7.90-9.75 In House
2 Pot life (Hours) 3.0-3.5 In House
3 Drying time @ 25±2 ºC

-Touch Dry
-Hard Dry

Max 1 hrs.
Min. 6 hrs.

In House
In House
4 VOC (mg/kg) Nil ASTM 6886
5 Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.80-0.90 In House

we’ve got the answers!

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is this product called Birla White Extocare?

    Birla White Extocare is a white cement based polymer modified water thinnable undercoat product. It is ideal for wall surface as it provides Best Opacity and Whiteness, provides 7x* more adhesion to top coat than the best available acrylic primer in the market and prevents peeling of top coat.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteHow Birla White Extocare is superior to Acrylic Primer?

    This product is used as primer directly on cement plaster, RCC and repaint surfaces. It requires no curing after application. It meets the needs of surface preparation on cement wall plaster perfectly. It fills fine pores and crevices making the wall surface ready for further application of base coat (putty) and painting. Birla White Extocare also protects RCC structure from corrosion and is certified by major nationalized laboratories for its superior properties.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat are pack sizes of Birla White Extocare available?

    It is available in Bucket pack of 10kg having secondary packaging of 5kg (2Nos.)
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is the significance of Wall Primer?

    Before painting your walls, preparing your walls is a first step to ensure that your paints last long. It helps ensure the adhesion of paint to the surface, increase the durability of the paint itself and protects the surface that is being painted. Wall Primers cover the small inequities, pores, cracks on the wall surface and are resistant to flaking, yellowing, peeling and blistering.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhy Birla White Extocare application is better as compared to other Primers available in the market?

    Birla White Extocare provides Best Opacity and Whiteness than acrylic primers, it provides 7x* more adhesion of top coat than the best acrylic primers available in the market and protects RCC structure from corrosion.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWill applying a coat of Birla White Extocare get rid of the dampness in the walls?

    No, it is important that the dampness in the walls is cured first. Take the help of professionals who do damp proof chemical jobs before you repaint your walls or the problem will recur.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla White What are advantages/benefits of using Birla White Extocare over other acrylic based primers?

    Following are the advantages:

    • Best Whiteness

    • Best Opacity

    • Provides 7x* more adhesion to top coat than the best available acrylic primer in the market and prevents peeling of top coat

    • Protects RCC structure from corrosion (Anti-carbonation Properties)

    • Formation of continuous film

    • Does not peel off due to dampness, results into higher durability

    • Water Resistant

    • Can be applied on moist and damp surfaces.

    • Zero/No VOC (Volatile Organic Content)-Free from toxin/odor

    • Green Pro Certified (Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future

    • Free from heavy metals (Lead, Chromium, Mercury etc.)

    • Certified with Alkali resistant properties

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat does High Opacity mean?

    The optical property of a substrate material that minimizes show through from the background or the next sheet. The ratio of the reflectance with a black backing to the reflectance with a white backing. High Opacity will yield better hiding of substrate (Plaster surfaces)
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is VOC and how does it affect humans?

    VOCs (Volatile Organic Content) are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that readily vaporize into the air. When they enter the air, they react with other elements to produce ozone, which causes air pollution and a host of health issues including breathing problems, headache, burning, watery eyes and nausea. Some VOCs also have been linked to cancer, as well as kidney and liver damage. Thus, humans are at more risk to VOC.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteHow do you define Pot life?

    The period of time during which a material maintains its workable properties after it has been mixed with water.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is meaning of whiteness of a finish?

    Whiteness is the degree to which a surface is white. The whiteness of the cement depends on the raw materials and the manufacturing process. It is the metal oxides primarily iron, chrome and manganese that influence the whiteness and undertone of cement.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is difference between Pre-Wetting and Curing?

    Birla White Extocare is a superior pre-paint base coat, that delivers superior whiteness and coverage. Since it also provides superior adhesion to all top coats, intermediate coat of any acrylic primer can be eliminated before applying top coats.

    Prewetting : Pre-wetting of the substrate is very important and essential that the surface is wet thoroughly before the application of any cement based product. The surface should be wet during application which ensures higher bonding strength, good workability, water retentivity & higher coverage with the surface. Cement substrates being high absorptive base , tend to draw too much moisture from cement based product paste during the application progress but pre-wetting would assure that adequate water is available to hydrate cementitious components of the mix amid temprature fluctuation. The Surface should always be moist before application i.e. pre-wet the surface with water before application to prevent early water loss to the surface and to ease application, it is highly recommended.

    Curing : After the plaster/concrete are applied and finished, it is essential to protect them from the sun and wind. This can be done by covering it with a plastic sheet and keeping it moist for a minimum of 7 days. This process is called curing.

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat is recommended mixing ratio of Powder & Water?

    Slowly add 1 kg of Birla White Extocare with 110% clean water (1 Kg EXTOCARE+1100 ml water) to make slurry. Mixing should be carried out by preferably mechanical stirrer for 5 minutes or manually for 10-12 minutes to obtain a creamy consistency. Leave the slurry for 5 minutes after thorough mixing to get better polymer dispersion. Prepared slurry should be used within 3-3.5 hours.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteHow can I prepare my walls before applying Birla White Extocare?

    Remove all loosely adhering material, dirt, dust & oil etc. from the surface by using sandpaper, blade or wire brush etc. Before re-painting, surface should be rubbed by 180 or 220 emery paper. After thoroughly mixing, apply Birla White Extocare coat on the surface uniformly with the help of painting brush (4 or 5 inch) or Roller. Allow to dry the first coat of Birla White Extocare for minimum 2-3 hours before application of putty/top coat.
  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteEnlighten on precautions to be taken for Birla White Extocare application?

    • Ensure substrate is moist during application.

    • After mixing, prepared slurry should be used within 3 -3.5 hrs.

    • Do not swallow.

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat are the recommended Do’s for Birla White Extocare application?


    • Ensure dirt free wall surface.

    • Pre-wetting of the wall/surface is must for better bonding & coverage.

    • Stir well before use.

    • Store in a cool & dry place.

    • Wear safety goggles during application. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water & seek medical advice.

    • It is recommended to wear suitable nose mask during sanding & surface preparation to avoid dust inhalation.

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat are the recommended Don’ts for Birla White Extocare application?


    • Don’t add excess water than prescribed.

    • Don’t leave the Birla White Extocare primer (single coat) surface without the application of top coat for a long period of time.

  • Question Icon - Adtiya Birla WhiteWhat kind of technical support is offered by the company to customers and also recommend reliable applicator for doing Birla White Extocare application job?

    Birla White has a team of trained & committed civil engineers PAN India for CASC backing (Customer Application Support Cell) and these civil engineers offers on-site technical support, sampling at site, trained surface finishing applicators, those are equipped with specialized trainings and modern tools that enable them to build expertise and become specialist Birla White applicators.
  • *Certified By NABL Accredited Laboratory

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Available Pack Sizes

10 kg


Rajeev Saxena

Definitely a product of the future. It has not only greater adhesion but also have better hiding properties. The new Birla White Extocare is a marvellous white cement based primer. I recommend to all.

Rajeev Saxena | General Manager QA and QC | Experion Developers Pvt. Ltd.