Build your home with fresh and natural fragrances with Birla White scented putty

All of us have dreams, we dream of our careers, we dream about our partners, we dream about our passion, we dream about our future and sometimes we dream for others, but no matter what we dream, dream of a home is always a part of the dream. In all our imaginations and aspirations, we see ourselves standing in an outstanding home that speaks of our legacy and pride. There’s is absolutely nothing that we’ll spare in making this dream come true, in making this fabulous looking home. Now while having this very specific desire the detailing of it remains foggy and sometimes thins foggy detailing can lead to foggy execution, we might bring on the best of lights, furniture, showpieces, etc, but there’s something we might ignore, our walls. Often, we think of our walls as just colour bearing canvas and not do much for them.

 It’s important to give these walls a close look for in this dream home is incomplete without them. Now, while we need to be imaginative with the walls, we also need to be technical. We need to ensure they are built strong and coated well. While building it is mostly taken care of coating it is slighted and considered to be a worthless expense whereas it is what gives your walls the beautiful touch, makes it what it is.

To those wondering the coating of walls is done with a putty. Now the most basic explanation is, Putty is a white coating that makes for an even white surface for you to paint over. But that’s is not all, it can do more than that. Putty needs to be such that provides care for you and for your walls, it should be a shield between your walls and the external world, providing the best WallCare that there is.

One might ask what a WallCare putty can really do, well the answers are many, but to name a few, it prevents flaking, the hp polymer in it makes it water-resistant, it has strong binding properties in it, provides a smooth finish, reduces the amount of paint required and also provides the true tone of the colour, to sum it up, it increases the life of your wall and the wall paint. It also does more, it’s eco-friendly, has no breathing side effects for people of old age or asthmatic patients and small children, it’s a complete package for a wall that is taken care of and also takes care of you.

When a WallCare putty does so much for you then we believe it can do more, it can be kinder and generous on ones that work with it, the painters. Painters often get frustrated with the smell of the putty while applying it, but this can be changed. A fragrant putty can make their work environment better. Giving them a happy working time can be beneficial for both the painter and the consumer as they will take lesser time and will do a better job, the detailing will be on point and everyone would be happier for it. Birla White has taken upon this idea and has created fragrant putties with the two most beloved fragrances, Rose and lemon.

Fragrance Scented Putty

With these fragrances beside the painter while they work your home is sure to look marvellous and beam in the glory of your love and legacy. Build your homes with Fragrant Birla White WallCare Putty and make your dream a reality.