Make Your Home Smell Fresh with Lemon Putty

22, June 2021

Fragrance is an important element of a home due to which many people use scented candles, aromatherapy, and room fresheners. But what if your walls could make your house smell refreshing for some time? Yes, you heard it right. Sounds like magic, right?

Birla White brings to you Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty, a lemon fragrance putty that gives you the benefit of WallCare Putty and an added benefit of refreshing fragrance. 

The fragrance of fresh lemons in this lemon putty makes the construction site smell aromatic, refreshing and instantly lifts the mood of the applicator.

Lemon Fragrance Putty

Let us look at the benefits of Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty:

Enables an Energetic Work Environment

Building your dream home should be a labour of love and the ones who build this home play a huge part in making that possible. Therefore, it is crucial for them to be in the best mood while doing the job. Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty makes this possible. This lemon fragrance putty is refreshing and instantly uplifts the mood of the applicator and those working around resulting in an energetic work environment. This work environment also ensures that the work is done faster and better. 

Provides Great Fragrance

Whenever there is any paint job going on at home, there is an unpleasant smell that takes over the entire house. However, when one uses the Lemon Putty by Birla White, the fresh fragrance of lemons, the citrusy delight is spread all throughout the house till any primer/paint is applied over the putty. Unlike regular putty, this lemon fragrance putty gives you the added benefit of being scented along with all other best in class benefits of Birla White WallCare Putty. Kindly note – The fragrance stays up to 48 hours of application

Gives walls superior white base

Being from the Birla White WallCare Putty family, this lemon fragrance putty gives superior whiteness like no other. This white base plays a key role when it comes to getting the true tone of the paint. When you apply the whitest white base, the colour of the paint does not change, and you get the colour that you desire on your walls.

Enables a Smooth Finish

The primary feature of the putty is to provide a smooth base to your wall. Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty does the job efficiently.  Birla White Wallcare Putty comes with the unique formula of extra HP Polymers. A formula that has been brought to life after a lot of technological innovation and a lot of sincere research and development over the years. This unique formula of HP Polymers has a superior water-resistant property which protects the expensive paints from dampness. The high quality that the extra HP polymers provide make sure that the wall gets a smooth finish, resulting in levelled, smooth and beautiful walls even after the application of the topcoat of paint. 

Helps Prevent Flaking of Paint

Along with its great fragrance, lemon putty also helps prevent the problem of flaking. Flaking is something that we all have experienced at least once in our life. Wall paint flakes when your wall is unable to hold on to the paint. This indicates a lack of adhesion. However, the Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty has very high adhesive strength. Owing to this, your paint does not flake away. Your wall paint remains intact, and your home looks as good as new. 

A multi-purpose Putty

Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty is a multipurpose product. So, it can be used on internal as well as external walls. This is one of the top reasons why it is the best wall putty. Its high adhesion, paired with a high tensile & compressive strength, gives you the necessary strength, and the German polymers give your walls the protection they need. Unlike many other putties available in the market, this putty can be applied on different surfaces like plaster, RCC and cement, internally or externally, making it a versatile product. 

Provides Excellent Durability

With all the other benefits of Birla White WallCare Putty, lemon fragrance putty also holds the benefit of excellent durability. Durability is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before buying a wall putty. Birla White WallCare Lemon putty effectively protects the walls from fungi, flaking, algae, water seepage and other types of long-term damages that could really make or break the overall look of your home. The extra HP Polymers in its formula helps in preventing the growth of algae and fungi. These polymers ensure water-resistance and therefore eventually fight off the growth of any algae or fungi. 

Green Product for your home

The Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty has zero VOCs and is a green product. It prevents health hazards, making it safe for all. Even asthmatic patients and the elderly can be around walls with fresh putty coats without experiencing any problems. It is this superior quality of this product that makes it meet the global standards. 

Birla White WallCare Lemon Putty is a complete product for your home, carrying all the benefits that one looks for when selecting a putty for the paint job. Being the second variant of the first-ever scented putty in the market, it ticks all the boxes to become your best choice when it comes to your home. It has all the characteristics of Birla White WallCare Putty, one of the most superior putty available in the Indian market and the first to meet global standards. Along with all this, it has an added benefit of great fragrance which makes it an instant distinguisher from all the other wall putties in the market. This innovative and extraordinary product meets every demand effortlessly which makes it a perfect fit for your home. 

So, choose only the best for your home and make your home smell fresh, pleasant, and summery with Lemon Putty.