Does wall primer have an influence on the paint and overall appearance of exterior walls after painting?

03, February 2022

If you are a first-time house owner looking to give your house the best of everything or just thinking of revamping your home, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

We all know that first impressions are always important and to any guest arriving at our place, the exterior walls of our home are their first impression of our house. Hence, it is important that the exterior of our home looks just as good as the interior and is just as protected. And to do all of this the two things that need to be in place are: the exterior paint and the primer for walls. While most of you may be aware of exterior wall paints, a primer for walls may be something that you may not be as familiar with. You might also have some questions about whether it’s really necessary to utilize a primer for the exterior wall painting of your house. So let’s find out!

What does a wall primer do?

A wall primer’s job is to create adhesion between the wall surface and the paint itself. It’s responsible for improving the paint’s durability and covering any cracks and pores present on the surface of the wall. A wall primer also prevents peeling, yellowing and more by making the surface resistant. There are a lot of parameters of paint that are impacted by applying a Wall Primer below the paint surface-

Durability of paint –

Primer being the Basecoat to any paint makes the foundation to wall painting, a stronger and an important activity.A primer gives a smooth finish to your wall, making it the best surface to apply paint. The paint colour doesn’t lose its true tone of colour because of a protective layer formed by the application of wall primer.Also, because of the adhesion provided by the primer the paint stays longer and prevents the paint to peel. One such Primer being the white cement-based Birla White Extocare Primer which provides the highest adhesion to your walls measuring up to 7x more adhesion than the other primers available in the market making it the best primer available in the market.

Appearance of wall –

A primer helps the wall because of its opacity and whiteness making it the major reason why it is a general practice to apply primer below paint. The opaquer the primer, the more capability it withholds to keep the tone of the paint intact. Birla White Extocare Primer is a white cement-based Primer which because of it being the whitest primer brings the best tone of the paint on walls.

Priming of surface –

A Primer helps the paint to not get absorbed by the Putty, which in most cases happens to be the case. If we apply the paint over a putty wall directly, the paint loses its tone of colour or gets patchy since putty might absorb the paint because of putty’s porous nature or texture post drying. Also, primer covers all wall pores and cracks post application making it a smooth surface to apply paint. So, when paint is applied it is not absorbed by the grey cement plaster applied under the coat, giving the best coverage and requiring less paint to apply. This makes the wall primer the most cost saving tool for your wall painting process.

Weather protection/waterproof –

Primer can be applied everywhere where putty has been applied, which includes the exterior walls. Since Exterior walls face the brunt of the weather fluctuations which is the major reason exterior walls face cracks, peeling and other wall related problems.It becomes very crucial that the exterior walls are protected more than interior walls.Which is why there are primers which are waterproof and water-resistant to help sustain the life of walls for the longest time.Birla White  is a waterproof Primer that helps the walls from getting affected by the weather conditions and protects the paint to last for long.Which sums up the fact that primer makes your walls superior to enhance your painting process and fight any damage done externally by any weather conditions.

Overall, the application of the best primer is of utmost need. Birla White Extocare Primer provides your exterior walls with the added layer of protection making it the best primer available in the market. So, based on all of this we can say that the wall primer plays an important role in the overall appearance of your home’s exterior walls and its paint life. And that it can be beneficial to make use of a wall primer, more specifically the Birla White Extocare Primer, before painting your home’s exterior walls.