How do textured walls increase the aesthetic appeal of your home?

03, March 2022

Wall patterns and colours have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your house in one swoop. The days of having only a few colour choices for your walls are long gone. You can get a wide range of paints, textures, and finishes to give your walls a unique look. Texture is a popular design component because it is a simple and cost-effective technique to disguise flaws on walls. Aside from providing a textured look for those who wish it, the primary aim of textured walls is to conceal flaws on walls that would otherwise necessitate extensive repair. Another situation that necessitates the usage of a textured wall finish is when existing textured walls need to be repaired and the texture needs to be replicated.  

Textured walls have certain advantages that should be explored. Like for example using a textured wall treatment can allow you to conceal any gaps or scrapes in the wall that might be difficult to repair otherwise. The texture can easily conceal any flaws in a wall, making it an excellent choice for a quick and low-cost fix. Smooth plastered walls are a costly feature to accomplish, but textured walls are a much more cost-effective and easier-to-implement alternative.

Textured walls can lend character and depth to a space that would otherwise be uninteresting if the walls were not textured, and this effect can be amplified with the right lighting. Smooth walls cannot provide soundproofing, Textured walls can. While the texture won't totally soundproof the space, it will significantly minimise sound transmission through the walls.

Wall texture can be divided into three categories. These are used to cover the seams of taped drywall and other flaws on interior walls. The textures can also reflect light differently than smooth walls, giving interest to a space. As the name implies, the Orange Peel texture looks like an orange peel. This is a modest textured finish that hides most wall defects. It is simple to clean because the texture is not extremely harsh. Knockdown is a popular rustic textured finish that may be used in a variety of interior projects. It's more difficult to clean than the texture of an orange peel. Popcorn texture is popular in ceiling and wall applications because it is inexpensive and simple to install, concealing most flaws and effectively damping noise.

These were the various styles of interior wall textures to pick from. While knowing what textures are available is vital, properly comprehending the advantages of this pre-home painting stage is even more important. Some of the advantages are:

·         Hides Flaws: On a smooth surface, nail holes, dents, fractures, and other flaws in your drywall may show out more. That is why so many people opt to add texture to their homes. The texture serves to hide imperfections and make your walls look like they're worth a million dollars.

·         Easier Installation: It is possible to create a good-looking flat wall, although it may take the specialists a bit longer. It is, however, easier to complete the painting process while adding texture. When deciding whether to go with a textured or smooth wall, consider the timeline you want to stick to.

·         Cleaner Look: While smooth walls are easy to maintain, textured walls are proven to last longer and look cleaner. This could be due to the texture's ability to cover dirt better.

The beautiful impression that wall textures bring to surroundings is one of its key advantages. Textures are a terrific resource for changing the appearance of rooms and personalising them to your taste because of the various patterns and texture formats available, as well as the numerous colour options. The value of texture is evident, whether you choose a throw rug to warm up your bedroom or a wooden coffee table to lend life to your living space. It brings the room together. Texture is the element that takes your interior design to the next level. Instead, utilise it to make rooms that look like they belong in a magazine.

Birla White Textura is a wall design texture composed of white cement that alters your walls and ceilings. It may be used to create attractive wall textured designs and is made with cutting-edge technology. It has a high tensile strength and stickiness. It's also cheaper than other acrylic-based treatments on the market because no priming is required. It's great for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technological parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theatres, and exhibition halls, among other places, because of its durability, ease of application, and variety of design options. Birla texture putty prices are quite affordable so that your home is both beautiful and economic. Its other benefits include:

·         Gives an exciting variety of surface finishes

·         Provides flexibility of use

·         Provides the best value for money

·         Binds strongly with the base plaster

·         Covers minor undulations on the wall

·         Resists dampness on the walls

Now, when you think about accentuating the beauty of your plain walls, think about Birla White Textura.