Loose Putty is a Big No No!

24, August 2020

Loose putty is the local putty that is readily available in the market in open packs and is sold by the gram. Making sure that the putty being used in the process of construction at your place is only packaged putty as the loose putty can have a lot of disadvantages that can harm the finished wall in the long run.

Rest and be assured that the list of the disadvantages of loose putty are never ending!

Read on to know a few hazardous disadvantages of using loose putty.

Wastage During Transportation And Storage:

Taking a loose pack from the retailer to the site of construction can cause spillage and loss of the product. This wastage could cost you money to begin with and then eventually the quality of your construction. Similar wastage can happen when the putty is stored for too long, especially in non-ideal conditions. Birla White provides for 1kg, 5kg and 10 kg packs that can instantly solve this issue and completely eliminate storage and transportation issues.

No Quality Assurance:

There is no quality control, research & development, or extra measures taken to make sure the putty is protected. In such a case, the product suffers and when a consumer like yourself buys the product, there is a high chance that the quality of the end job can be also very low. So, it is literally, as we say ‘Loose yaani no use’!

No Protection Against Moisture:

When the putty powder comes in contact with moisture, especially when it is not meant to be used, can cause harm to it. Moisture causes lump formation in the putty, thus rendering the putty useless.

No Price Transparency:

There is a long list of vendors and retailers that the product reaches. The price of loose putty has been tracked to be starkly different in different places. There is no way really to find out its real price, which means that you can be buying overpriced putty without even a quality assurance. We understand that this can be very unsettling and frustrating. And that’s where Birla White WallCare Putty comes in! Not only does it have the same quality pan India but is also sold at the same MRP throughout the country.

Adulterated Product:

When it comes to loose putty, there’s a good chance that it is adulterated. Adulteration gives more volume to the product, which makes it easy for the seller to get a good price. A mixture of chalk and brick lime (chuna) is commonly used to adulterate putty. In contrast to this, Birla White WallCare Putty comes in a sealed pack and consists purely of putty powder without any adulteration. It also comes in Lemon, Rose  and Sandal variants.

All in all, loose putty is a product with a lot of disadvantages, and it’s best to use packaged and sealed putty. It makes sure you are using a genuine product that treats your walls right and makes sure there is not wastage of money, lowering of the quality of the wall or that of the product.

The Birla White WallCare Putty comes in different sizes, so whether your needs are big or small, they are tailored. Hence, it’s important to remember that as far as putty is concerned, Birla White WallCare Putty is the best choice you can make!