Take care of the Exterior walls of your home!

24, August 2020

What’s on the outside should reflect you.

Exterior Wall Primer

The exterior part of one’s home is equally important as the interiors. It shouldn’t be overlooked and forgotten like a middle child. The outer part of your home is the key to enticing people to enter it and feel welcome. If the outer walls of your home look cracked, dirty or dejected, the ambience of your home will feel the same. That’s why what’s on the outside should reflect what’s on the inside. So, it’s up to you to take care of the exterior walls of your home.

Here’s how:

#1 Fill in cracks and crevices if any

Like any relationship, a small crack can cause big damages in the long run. Use a good product to fill in the cracks of your wall. You do not want moss or unwanted creatures living out of it. The cracks may also turn your walls permeable to water and cause dampness to the interiors. Smoothing out the walls prior to repainting will help your wall look alive and new.

WallCare Putty

#2 Choose the right putty

When it comes to walls, you can’t go wrong if you make the smart decision of first levelling the walls and then using Birla White WallCare Putty. It stands the test of its name as it really does take care of your wall. With a price that is affordable and qualities that knock the competition of the chart, this putty is cement based, preventing dampness on paint surfaces while remaining persistent against flaking. An eco-friendly product that will make your walls 10x better.

Eco-Friendly Product

#3 Pick the right primer

Providing better adhesion to the wall is the job of a primer. Always make sure your walls are primed and perfect before any repainting job. You may wonder how much this small step may help, but you will notice the benefits a couple of years later, when your paint still remains intact. Breathe life into your paint job with Birla White Extocare. It is water resistant, needs no curing, and can be applied with a brush as well as a roller and brings out the true colour of your paint.

Wall Primer Price

#4 Pick the right paint and colour

After having taken care of what goes as a base on your exterior walls, it’s time to make an effort to choose the right paint. A paint that is water resistant and dust proof will really cut down on the atrocities your exterior wall faces. The colour is a personal choice but should be chosen wisely. Lighter tones make the house look vibrant just as darker tones bring in an oomph of sophistication.

WallCare Putty Price

Give your walls the care it needs and it will repay you in the duration of time it stays put. Literally!

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