Are beautiful, aesthetic walls with a designer finish just what you’re looking for? Choose birla white textura!



Are beautiful, aesthetic walls with a designer finish just what you’re looking for? Choose birla white textura!
Birla White Textura is a white cement-based wall texture composition that transforms your walls and ceilings. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, it can give you beautiful textured patterns. It comes with superior adhesion and tensile strength. It is also more economical as compared to other acrylic-based products in the market as there is no need to apply primer. The durability it brings, along with ease of application and the variety of design options, makes it ideal for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theatres, exhibition halls, and so on.
Product Highlights
Smooth Glossy Finish
Multiple Designs
Optimal Drying Time
Multicolor Freedom
  • Water, algae and fungi resistant
  • Cracks, flaking and weathering resistant
  • Tough and durable
  • High adhesive strength
  • Superior tensile strength
  • No curing required
  • Gives an exciting variety of surface finishes
  • Provides flexibility of use
  • Provides the best value for money
  • Binds strongly with the base plaster
  • Covers minor undulations on the wall
  • Resists dampness on the walls
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls

The technology used to manufacture this product is ‘Patent Pending’.

Roller/Spary Finish Designs
Bubble Spray Finish
Bubble Spray Finish

Orange Peel Finish
Orange Peel Finish

Alligator Finish
Alligator Finish

Seamless Circle Finish
Seamless Circle Finish

Woodgrain Finish
Woodgrain Finish

HoneyComb Finish
HoneyComb Finish

Technical Data of Birla White textura (TF)
Sr.No Technical Parameter Specifications Typical Range
1 *Coverage (sqft/Kg/coat)
[On Ideal smooth surface]
Designer Roller Finish : 06-10
Sponge Roller Finish : 08-12
Spray Finish :15-20
In House
2 Pot life (Hours) 1.5-2.0 In House
3 Tensile strength (@28 days) (N/mm2) ≥0.5 EN 1348
4 Water Capillary Absorption (ml), 30 min @28days ≤0.60 Karsten Tube
5 Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.9-1.1 In House
* This value is on smooth surface; however, this may change according to surface texture
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Application Process:

Surface Preparation: Remove all the loosely adhering material like, dirt, dust & oil etc. from the Surface by using suitable emery paper, putty blade or wire brush etc. Surface imperfections such as holes, dents and cracks should be filled before application of Textura Roller/ Spray finish.

Surface Pre-Wetting: Pre-wetting is important before application of “Textura Roller Finish” on concrete/Plaster surface to get best smoothness, workability, coverage & higher bond strength with the applied substrate.

Mixing of “Textura Roller Finish and Spray Finish”

Mix Textura-RF thoroughly to get uniform paste formation according to given water ratio for different finish which results in obtaining more coverage & smooth uniform shade. Only prepare a quantity which can be used within 1-2 hours of mixing with water.

Birla White Textura Expert Card

Terms and Conditions:

  • This Expert card and Visiting card is given to the Contractors/Painters who have attended the training session on Birla White Textura product conducted by Birla White ( a Unit of UltraTech Cement limited).
  • Birla White is not responsible for any work-related disputes or quality of work happened on site by the contractor/painter.
  • This card is only a participation of the training program.
  • The Contractor/Painter who carries this Expert Card and Visiting Card does not represent Birla white (a Unit of Ultratech Cement Limited) in anyway.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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    Birla white textura is a cement-based wall texture finishing product. It is used for aesthetic purposes and offers a variety of exquisite textures for your internal and external walls.

    Birla white textura is available in white, dry and free-flowing powder form. It is available in 20 kg and 25 kg packs.

    Birla white textura consists of birla white cement, high quality quartz sand, polymers, speciality chemicals, biocides, and inert mineral fillers.

    Birla white textura is available in two varieties – (i) spray/roller finish (RF), which is ideal for interiors, and (ii) trowel finish (TF), which is ideal for exteriors.

    Birla white textura offers various design option such as roller medium, roller classic, spray coat, antonio, graniplast and rustik, among others. You can take a look at the different kind of designs and the finishes, for both interior wall texture and exterior wall texture, in the gallery section.

    Birla white textura is a white cement-based dry ready mix, which provides higher durability and better finish in comparison to any other acrylic wall texture material. Textura, being cement-based, has better adhesion with the base plaster. It's also more economical as compared to any other acrylic white wall texture since there's no need to apply primer.

    Yes, a silicon coat on top of birla white textura would enhance its life and retain its aesthetic beauty. However, one should consult a good silicon supplier before application.

    Cement-based plaster that is levelled is ideal for applying Birla White Textura. Although, make sure you remove all loose particles from the surface by a wire brush or a medium sized emery stone before application.

    Birla white textura is supplied in white colour. Birla White Textura Provides freedom of any desired colour can be obtained by applying a topcoat of any paint of your choice.

    For normal application, 1mm to 3mm recommended as per the Roller or spray finishes desired.

    No, birla white textura doesn't require any curing.

    Site mixing of pigments is not recommended, as the results may be inconsistent.

    All kinds of paints are suitable for application over birla white textura.

    For optimum results, it is strongly recommended to get the application done by an authorised birla white applicator since they know the product and the process inside out.

    Yes, Birla White provides appropriate training to fresh and experienced applicators and their supporting staff, which helps them in gaining job-related skills and knowledge. This contributes to an improved performance and output.

    There is no option of online payment currently. Also, we do not deliver any of our products directly as of now. They are retailed via our stockist network only. However, the application of birla white textura requires a trained contractor. We, therefore, recommend that you purchase the product from our authorised retailer/stockist who would also help you get in touch with a trained skilled contractor.

    Birla white has a team of trained and committed civil engineers PAN india for CASC backing (customer application support cell). These civil engineers offer on-site technical support and on-site sampling. They also train surface finishing applicators with specialized training and modern tools that enable them to build expertise and become specialist birla white applicators.
    Available Pack Sizes
    Textura Roller/Spray Finish - Birla White Textura Available in 20kg and 25kg Packs