White Cement

Want to give your walls the whitest white surface finish? Birla White Cement is the right choice!


White Cement

Want to give your walls the whitest white surface finish? Birla White Cement is the right choice!
Birla White Cement is basically White Portland Cement that is manufactured in our units. It’s made by using advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing process, which gives it that superior fineness and whiteness. It has a high refractive index and high opacity, and it gives you that smooth finish even when blended with pigments. This gives you the freedom to play with a wide palette of colours, textures, shapes & sizes, and is the most preferred when it comes to decorative paints, plasters, mosaic tiles, terrazzo flooring and white cement-based value-added products.
Product Highlights
Smooth Finish
Superior Technology
Top-notch Quality
World Class Plant
  • +89% on the Hunter Whiteness Scale
  • High refractive index
  • High compressive strength of 60 MPa
  • Superior fineness of 370-400 Blaine
  • High opacity
  • Depicts true tone of colour
  • Less consumption & better dispersion of pigment
  • Better coverage
  • Imparts brilliant lustre
  • Gives freedom to create designs
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Others

The technology used to manufacture this product is ‘Patent Pending’.



Designer Flooring
Designer Flooring Floors
Birla White Cement is a product that can turn your floors into works of art and give you that designer flooring. When you have marble powder, coarse aggregates, and the Birla White Cement mixture, you can go on to create anything from unique patterns to actual paintings. You can also glass, metal, dividing strips made out of stone or plastic, mortar mixes, colourful pigments and so on to your mix. Once you have laid all this, you can mirror-polish your floor to get that perfect gloss. This not only adds to your floor’s appeal but also elevates the ambience of your home.
Mosaic Tiles Floors
Mosaic tiles create a rich tapestry of designs on your floor. With small pieces of coloured enamel glass or marble chips inlaid in the cement, these tiles give that zeal to your floor. They are manufactured in hydraulic presses under controlled conditions to make them durable, dense, and water-tight with a hard-to-wear surface. Birla White Cement is the perfect base for making these mosaic tiles as it helps brighten the colours and imparts inherent strength. These tiles are perfect for homes, hotels, swimming pools and any other place that could use a touch of style.
Mosaic Tiles
Paver Tiles
Paver Tiles Floors
Exterior floors play just as important a role in creating ambience as interior floors. This is where paver tiles come in. Not only are they strong and durable, but they are also perfect for areas exposed to a lot of wear. Birla White Cement is perfect for such applications as it can help impart a variety of colours and designs to the tiles. A significant advantage of these tiles is that they can be repaired or replaced at a fraction of the cost doing the same to concrete floors.
Marble Flooring Floors
Though marble stone is naturally white and elegant, it's also translucent and porous in nature. If marble is laid on a grey cement base, it starts to look dull and grey, thereby losing its aesthetic charm. Laying the marble on a thin layer of Birla White Cement slurry is ideal. Birla White acts as a white separator and reflects 100% light, while also preventing the grey cement from ruining the look of your marble.
Marble Flooring


Stonecrete Walls
Give the exterior walls of your home an elegant Stonecrete finish with Birla White Cement. Not only is it weather-resistant, long-lasting and low maintenance, but it also makes different colours and textures possible for you. You can make the Stonecrete finish by mixing equal parts Birla White Cement and dolomite powder/ quartz sand. To this, you can add pigments to get your desired shade. Post application, the surface should be levelled and cured for two days. Finally, you need to chisel it in order to give that exquisite Ashlar stone finish to complete your Stonecrete finish.
Grit Wash Walls
If you want a rough and tough finish, the Grit Wash is the right choice for you. Better known as Exposed Aggregate Plaster, this hardy decorative finish can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and give you that durability. A mortar of Birla White Cement, dolomite powder and chips in a ratio of 2.5:1:6 is perfect for a Grit Wash. Before application, the surface should be levelled well. After an initial setting period of 1-2 hours, the Grit Wash surface should be scrubbed gently with a nylon brush and water to remove the cement on top of the chips and to expose the aggregates.
Grit Wash
Tyrolean Walls
Tyrolean is a decorative finish, suitable for both interior and exterior walls. Available in various colours, its textured sand-face finish gives the wall an attractive look. Also, it is an economical, long-lasting and maintenance-free plaster. For Tyrolean plastering, mix three parts of Birla White Cement with one part of marble powder and one part of coarse white sand or fine grains of marble chips. Add colour to get the desired shade and apply two coats. When the surface is completely dry, a coat of silicon should be applied so as to keep it dust-free.
Cement Wash Walls
The Birla White Cement Wash imparts a durable, lustrous matt finish to walls. It also acts as a primer coat for decorative paints, filling up minor cracks and crevices. Ideal for interior as well as exterior walls, it can be applied using a brush or a spray. The simplicity of its application is what makes it the most preferred among painters and masons. Birla White Cement Wash is economical compared to other options, which makes it perfect for commercial complexes, government offices, educational institutions, and other places where there is often a budget constraint.
Cement Wash
Cement Paint
Cement Paint Walls
Cement Paint beautifies exterior walls as well as protects them from harsh weather conditions. It is durable, economical and can be used with various pigments to bring out a variety of shades. Birla White is the best option to make Cement Paint as it not only brings out the pigment’s true colours, but it also has a low alkaline content, thereby preventing paint fading. For a perfect composition, add one part water to two parts Cement Paint and stir well to get a consistent paste. To this, add one more part water, stir, and apply on the prepared surface. Cure the surface with water for 2-3 days to get the perfect finish.


Cement is commonly perceived to be suitable only for construction and repair work. But Birla White has set a new benchmark. It has stretched its usability way beyond the conventional and it now offers various creative options.
Ornamental Others
Birla White Cement enables you to use your imagination to beautify, decorate and design building interiors and exteriors. It gives you the freedom to create a variety of ornamental motifs like statues, artefacts, balustrades, flowerpots, decorative grills, fountains and many others.
ceilings Others
While it is very useful when it comes to walls and floors, Birla White Cement is also very useful when it comes to ceilings as it helps to give them a great finish.
Versatile Usage Others
Birla White Cement is perfectly suitable for fusing the joints of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone tiles and stone slabs (tile grout).
Technical Specifications
Characteristics IS: 8042. 2015 Requirement Specifications Typical Range
a. Insoluble Residue % Max. 4.0 Max. 2.0 1.0 - 1.6
b. Iron Oxide % Max. 1.0 Max. 0.34 0.28 - 0.34
c. Magnesium Oxide % Max. 6.0 Max. 5.0 3.5 - 5.0
d. Sulphur Trioxide % Max. 3.5 Max. 3.5 2.7 - 3.3
e. Lime Saturation Factor 0.66 - 1.02 Min. 0.86 0.86 - 0.92
f. Loss on Ignition % Max. 7.0 Max. 5.5 3.5 - 5.5
a. Degree of Whiteness%
ISI Scale Min. 70 Min. 82 82 - 85
Hunters Scale - Min. 90 90 - 92
b. Fineness, (Blaine) m2/kg (Specific Surface) Min. 225 330 330 - 360
c. Setting Time (Minutes)
1. Initial Min. 30 Min. 80 80 - 100
2. Final Max. 600 Max. 150 120 - 150
d. Soundness
1. Le-Chateliers Method (mm) Max. 10 Max. 2.0 1.0 - 2.0
2. Autoclave Expansion % Max. 0.8 Max. 0.2 0.08 - 0.2
e. Compressive Strength (Mpa)
(Cement and Std. Sand Mortar 1:3)
3 days 72 ± 1hr Min. 16.0 Min. 35 35 - 40
7 days 168 ± 2hr Min. 22.0 Min. 45 45 - 50
28 days 672 ± 4hr Min. 33.0 Min. 55 55 - 60
f. Retention on 63 micron sieve % - Max. 3.0 0.6 - 3.00
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Birla White Cement wash is a durable application of white cement to coat the newly plastered internal and external surfaces.

Birla White Cement wash fills up the hairline cracks, which often occur on cement and plaster surfaces. This reduces the water seepage in the structure while also acting as an undercoat for the subsequent paint and primer coats. One of the best white cement uses is that it prevents the absorption of paint by the base while also ensuring a higher coverage. Birla White Cement wash forms a film on the base that gives you that durability factor, ensuring that the paint doesn’t flake or peel later. This, in turn, also gives a better shine to the wall.

Yes, Birla White Cement wash requires curing for at least 2 to 3 days after application.

About 2 to 3 coats of Birla White Cement wash are enough to get a smooth finish. But if it is used as an undercoat, a single coat is sufficient.

The base surface should first and foremost be free of dust, grease, laitance, etc. Before the application of Birla White Cement wash, the surface should be pre-wetted. This step is important so as to avoid adhesion loss and the dusting of cement wash.

Ideally, it is not recommended. But if you do have to apply it on any painted surface, make sure you prepare your surface thoroughly. This shall enable the cement coat to have strong bond with the base substrate.

Birla White Cement wash will typically last for about 2 to 3 years if no topcoat paint is applied. In case of a topcoat application, it lasts longer.

The coverage depends upon the nature of substrate. If the substrate is porous, it will be less, and vice versa. Usually, 1 kg of Birla White Cement will give 2.32 square meter to 2.79 square meter per two coats on a normal substrate.

Cement paint is a paint made by mixing white cement, fillers, additives, extenders, and pigments to get the desired shade. Cement wash, on the other hand, is just a coating done with pure white cement slurry and no additives; it’s available only in white colour.

Yes, Birla White Cement meets the requirements of GreenPro standard and also qualifies for GreenPro certification.

There is no option of online payment currently. Also, we do not deliver any of our products directly as of now. They are retailed via our stockist network only. However, the application of Birla White Cement requires a trained contractor. We, therefore, recommend that you purchase the product from our authorised retailer/stockist who would also help you get in touch with a trained skilled contractor.

Birla White has a team of trained and committed civil engineers PAN India for CASC backing (Customer Application Support Cell). These civil engineers offer on-site technical support and on-site sampling. They also train surface finishing applicators with specialized training and modern tools that enable them to build expertise and become specialist Birla White applicators
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