Extocare – Your Monsoon Wall Protector

25, August 2020

On a primary level, we associate walls with a feeling of security. But the truth is, they mean much more to us than that. A single piece of wall can inspire a varied range of feelings, right from familiarity & comfort to heavy nostalgia. So, when you talk about protecting your walls, you are not just referring to protecting your space, but also referring to retaining the familiarity and the nostalgia.

Monsoons often come in and ruin your walls, while making them weak and the paint on them to flake away. This also changes the appearance of your walls and steals from their familiarity. Needless to say, there needs to be a monsoon wall care protection strategy in place such as wall primer. However, as soon as this topic is on the table, Birla White Extocare appears as the answer. The question is – ‘why?’. What is it about this product that makes it synonymous to monsoon wall protection? Let’s find out!

7x Adhesion One of the most unique features of this product, Extocare boasts of providing 7x more adhesion to the topcoat of the paint as compared to acrylic primers. This ensures higher durability for the wall and the paint on it. It also helps protect the wall from corrosion. The superior adhesion quality of this exterior wall primer causes the chemical bonds to work together and fight against the moisture that monsoons bring along.

Water Resistant

The Extocare is a cement-based, polymer-modified, water-thinner cement primer that ensures that your wall stays healthy. One particular ingredient that this exterior primer contains is an emulsion-based additive that enhances its properties of waterproofing and makes it one of the best waterproof primers in India.


What you need to know about cement walls is that they possess certain amounts of moisture and alkali salts within. When we talk about monsoons, it’s implied that moisture settles on the walls, only to evaporate and rain down again. This process causes the alkali salt deposits to have a reaction and result in paint discoloration. However, Birla White Extocare possesses molecules that bond together very strongly and manage to protect your wall from this alkali attack.


This Birla White product has been certified by nationalized laboratories for its superior properties that help insulate the construction from these aggressive influencers that eventually lead to corrosion and slow degradation. It contains zero volatile organic compounds and zero toxins. Extocare, a white primer for walls, is also completely odour-free, which makes it the best wall primer for the damp weather.